August Picnic in the park

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    Pork Chops

      Hey Ladies,
      Doesn’t look like we will be moving any time soon šŸ™ as the guy selling us his house has decided to buy another one and transfer his mortgage rather then do ours independently (which is ready to complete) to save himself money šŸ™ Lucky our estate agents just agreed to let us stay another month till September 24th šŸ™‚
      So Another month as normal….. Which means picnic in the park šŸ™‚ well weather dependant.

      I was thinking Lunch time of Mon 27th, 28th, 29th August??? At Abington Park? Please let me know if you can or cant make it, we will choose a date the majority can make šŸ™‚ if the weather is bad, think we said we will just go over to the trumpet šŸ™‚

      Looking forward to our Legoland Trip….hope the sun comes bk, Sarah x


        Hey sarah

        Sounds gd but will have to let you know which date once we are home from hospital which im hoping will be tomorrow.

        Sorry about the house, thats a bit of a pain but at least its all still gojng through.

        See you soon.

        Michelle. Xx


        Hi all

        I am good for any if those days šŸ˜‰ but if it’s the weds I will be child free which I hopefully will have got used to by then as tomorrow is Lexi’s first full day šŸ™

        That’s rubbish news Sarah I really hope it all gets sorted for you soon.

        Looking forward to Legoland too

        Becs xxx


        Ps fingers crossed for tomorrow Michelle bet u can’t wait until you are all home as a family xxx


          Picnic sounds lovely but I can’t make those dates unfortunately. Away in Scotland that week.

          Sorry your house move has been delayed Sarah. House buying can be so stressful. Hope you get sorted soon.

          Max, x


            At the moment any of those days are good, but my nan is coming over on 14th so I may have to take her with me…. she doesn’t speak english tho šŸ˜Æ

            Good luck with moving Sarah, I am sure it will get sort it soon. Guy should be happy that he managed to sell his house!!!!




            I can do any except the 29th as Gracie has a birthday party in the daytime. The 27h is bank holiday august, just incase anyone hadn’t realised?

            Let me know what the majority is, I would probably say Tuesday is best as Mark will be off on the Monday and perhaps want to do something.

            Sarah, hope the house move doesn’t get delayed to long.



              Oh no i forgot about Bank Holiday… We will be away in Kent, but hopefully will be back Tuesday or Wednesday ( wednesday would be better for me)


                Sorry girls can’t makeTuesday as we are traveling back home from Kent šŸ™
                Have fun and hopefully sun will be shining for you xxx


                  We’re off to Scotland on the 13th and won’t be back til start of September. We’ll be at Legoland, though!!! xxx


                  Hi All,

                  Sorry i have realised I have other plans on the Tuesday which I forgot about šŸ™ if you go for Tuesday maybe able to pop by a bit later than usual but won’t be able to gurantee. Sorry!


                  Pork Chops

                    Ok well that sounds like its only leaving about 3 of us so do you want to change the week???
                    Maybe week commencing 3rd september??? who can do that week???
                    Sarah x



                    As it stands at the moment I can do any day week commencing 3rd, unless I have to go to any hospital appts that week as we are taking each as it comes at the mo.



                      Hi. I might be able to join you that week, depending on when it is. George has his school home visit on Tuesday & starts school on Thursday!

                      Max, x


                      Hi all, was a final date decided on for a picnic?

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