August Picnic in the park

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    Pork Chops

      No a final date wasn’t decided, but I’m still happy to meet week commencing 3rd, Friday would be perfect for me as its payday…. Can anyone else make that day x


      Friday next week is good for me too šŸ™‚ x


      Hi All,

      Friday is good for me, unless of course they decide to deliver baby earlier than 38 weeks as she has dropped below the 10th centile and I will be 37 weeks when you all next mee so who knows as I I don’t had a c section date yet as we are now back to taking each appt as it comes and going in for extra monitoring. Hopefully I will get something confirmed this Thursday?????

      Let me know time – are we still planning Abington Park or the Trumpet dependant on the weather?



      Friday next sounds good to me.



        George finishes school at 1145 & Evie will be in nursery, so I could come with George.

        Carla, hope you are OK & the monitoring is offering you some reassurance rather than worry. Not long to go now & your precious girl will be here.

        Max, x

        Pork Chops

          Next Friday 7th at mid day then. Abu park if it’s nice and trumpet if it’s not šŸ™‚ look forward to seeing you all and having a good catch up…


            Where/what is the Trumpet?! Sorry if thats a daft question!

            Pork Chops

              It’s on the Wellingborough road in between Weston favel

              Pork Chops

                And Abington park… But hopefully it will be in the park šŸ™‚ x


                Can’t believe I nearly missed this one! It will be sooo difficult to drag myself away from housework, washing, decorating etc! I know Reggie would much rather find any more hidden pots of sudocream, vaseline, anything else greasy and smear it EVERYWHERE šŸ˜† Looks like we’re going to have another lovely day. Where will you all be meeting? By the swings or by the cafe?

                Can’t wait to see you. Need some hugs.

                Love Jo x

                Pork Chops

                  Yay be good to see you Jo, yeah swings be good for Hayden šŸ™‚ x


                    Hi ladies, sorry I can’t make this one x
                    Enjoy the sunshine and have fun xxx


                      Will be there :))


                        Hi ladies.

                        Sorry but I don’t think I’m going to make this today. George won’t be out of school until midday & by the time I get over to Abington I’ll have to think about coming back to collect Evie from nursery! I was hoping Geoff might collect her but he may not be back from work now & also has a hospital appointment to get to!!

                        I’m disappointed to miss it. Lovely day for a picnic in the park too. It’s all been a bit chaotic here this week. George started school yesterday & Geoff has been demolishing bits of the house! I hate living in mess but it needs to be done. Damp work & new flooring in the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping it will all be complete by the end of the month – date for your diaries, Friday 28th September I’m hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise vital funds for Cancer Support. I’m combining it with my Phoenix Christmas launch & will be donating 10% of sales on the day to Macmillan. More details soon!

                        Enjoy the picnic.

                        Max, x

                        Pork Chops

                          Max n michelle…. Missed you on this lovely afternoon šŸ™‚ and sounds good max šŸ™‚ was a lovely afternoon with you all, exactly what I needed. Clare please let your husband know…. Hayden’s bike was wrong and tim will fix it when he gets home lol! X

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