A Message From Ann ...

About Ann Farmer, Founder of Children Are Butterflies

I have been where you are today, I have lost children at various gestational periods from 6 to 21 weeks. Each time the pain was unbearable and I was left with so many questions. Why me? Was it something I did? Was it my fault? Nature can be cruel and quite often there is no answer, sometimes life is unfair and there are events that we can have no control over.

On the positive side, out of all the heartache I have two beautiful daughters who are my inspiration and I have met many many families who have suffered tragedy but then gone on to receive the gift of beautiful children.”

 Why Butterflies?

“As children we were always told by our Grandma that we were not to be afraid of dying. She would take us into the garden and show us the butterflies gently floating in the warm air. She explained to us that when you die you become a butterfly, a delicate creature that is gentle, unique and beautiful.

As we have grown into adults we have told our children the same story and it has now become part of the Hollowell belief that when you die you become a butterfly.

I could think of no better name for the service that we offer to families who have lost a child ~ Children Are Butterflies.”


Essie Hollowell “Our Grandma and Grandma to All.”