Anyone fancy getting together soon?

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    Anyone fancy a catch up?

    Pork Chops

      I’d like to 🙂 any afternoon other then 31st ATM, I can’t do mornings and only mon and fri evenings 🙂 x


      Hi, I won’t be able to for the next couple of weeks.
      Let me know what date you decide and will try my best to get there

      Carla xx


        I would love to, I finish for mat leave next Friday so will be pretty flexible x


        I am free n pretty flexible now so let me know the details n hope to cu all soon xxx


        Hi everyone, just reallised its the start of feb this week, and half term is looming already. How about the monday the day they go back to school? Im pretty knackered by the evening at the moment so would prefer daytime. What do people think?

        Pork Chops

          I’m free for Monday 18th 🙂 how’s every one else for this day? X


            Geoff’s on leave so I might persuade him to have Evie & come with just Freddie. x


            Hi all guess I will have to pass on the Feb meet as my C section is booked for a week on Friday so might be a little busy 🙂

            Hope ur all well n hopefully see you at the next one

            Becs xxx

            Pork Chops

              My goodness Becs that has come round so quickly! Yes I can imagine you will be more then a little busy lol! X

              Pork Chops

                Yay max we get to meet the new one 🙂 aww Becs yeah I defo think your hands will be tied, how exciting 🙂 x


                  I can make the 18th assuming the little one hasn’t decided to arrive x
                  Aw Becs you must be so excited xxx


                  Where are you planning on meeting, if bear Brackmills will try and pop by 🙂



                  That was meant to say near Brackmills!



                    Hi everyone

                    I should be able to meet on 18th and i don’t mind where we go. Really looking forward to meeting the new arrivals. Michelle i hope you can make it as last time i saw you, you had only just found out so would love to see your bump. Bex your so close now that seems to have gone quick!

                    See you all soon.

                    Michelle. xxxx

                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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