Our gracious thanks goes to TEAM TYLER who ran on our behalf in the Silverstone Half Marathon, a gruelling 13.1 miles and some pretty good times:

Tim England Finished 745th with a time of 1hr41mins58secs
Richard Pitt Finished 4607th with a time of 2hr21mins34secs
Daniel Kempster Finished 4783rd with a time of 2hrs23mins50secs
Sarah York finsihed 4996th with a time of 2hrs26mins56secs
Jodie Gee finished 4997th with a time of 2hrs 26mins56secs
Victoria Kempster finished 5817thwith time of 2hrs45mins42secs
Billy N Sara England finished 6145th with a time of 3hrs2minssecs
Sarah Roe finished 6146th with a time of 3hrs2mins44secs

Very many thanks to you all and congratulations.