Just In Time For The 2016 Butterfly Release

Sophie Louise Jeeves was going to be late to the Butterfly Release this year, but for good reason, and her butterflies would be waiting.


Sophie, along with family and friends were running on our behalf in the Northampton Fun Colour Rush in Abington Park on the same day so it was always going to be a close run thing for her to be there in time for start of proceedings. As it turned out her and her family had to rush directly from the run to make it in time to release a butterfly in memory of Ella Louise Jeeves Smith.

Due to the urgency there was no time to change so the team arrived in a particularly colourful manner, and we were pleased to welcome them. After all, they had just raised an amazing amount of money.

Total Raised


The complete team were:

Sophie Jeeves, Katie Jeeves, Brogan Tidman, Rachel Hodges, Kerri Willis, Sophie Griffiths, Sophie Staniland, Vicki Lowe, Nadeen Harness, Terri Smith, Katie O’Sullivan, Shannon O’Sullivan, Emily Smith, George Knight and Primose Knight.