What a fab day out.

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    We had a really fab day at Legoland yesterday. A massive thank you to Jo and Ann for organising it and making it possible. We smiled and laughed all day for the first time in months.


    Yep I second that!!!

    Def a fab day out, we came back very very tired and rather red and crispy (me and Jim not Lexi lol) after walking miles and seeing loads 🙂 although you would never have known Lexi hadn’t slept all day giggling to herself on the coach on the way home. We were very proud of her considering it was such a long day for her 😉

    So a big thank you for all the effort and organisation we very much appreciated the lovely day out

    Becs xxx


      I will 3rd that, we had a lovely day out and a fab time the children were so tired After but were very well behaved
      Thank you for a great day x

      Pork Chops

        Yep I 4th that lol!!!
        So Much fun….Hayden asked if we could go Legoland today lol!!! i Said definately next year 🙂 I too was very happy with my well behaved little boy 🙂

        So a massive thank you to Ann and Jo 🙂
        Sarah x

        Eva’s mummy

          I 5th that lol!
          unfortunatly Alicia wasnt so well behaved on the coach so appologies for her noise all the way home.
          The day caught up with them I think yesterday cause they slept in this morning 😀
          Thank you very much it was good day.

          Rach xx


          Thank you all for such a lovely day. I’m afraid we lost most of you shortly after arriving as Reggie managed to throw up all over herself and my Mum! We had an amazing day. I was so touched by the kindness shown to us and our families. My silver lining to Michael not being able to come was my darling Mummy stepped in to look after Amelie while I took Neve on the bigger rides. A lovely, lovely day – really lifted my mood.

          I thought of those of you who could not be there, I’m sorry you missed it. Hope the sun was shining on you aswell my friends x

          Love Jo x


            Pleased you all had a lovely day. We were very sad to miss it but I just knew I wouldn’t manage by myself with my children, especially with George wanting to go on rides Evie wouldn’t & I couldn’t.

            Jo, that’s lovely that you thought of those that couldn’t go. Hope Amelie was OK.

            Max, x

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