Wednesday 16th May 2012

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    Pork Chops

      Good Morning All,
      Happy thoughts day on this beautiful sunny day 🙂
      My thought today is “TIME”
      Been Another crazy week in the England/York household…. I don’t seem to have much time for any thing at the moment, with juggling running, Hayden, Miya, work, usual house hold chores and Fun things with the Family I seem to be having less time to sleep and a little me time.
      One thing I did do this week was got out all my old singles that I really loved when I was a kid/teenager and listened to them one by one….its amazing how the lyrics (word for word) come back lol, Hayden was saying….”shut up mummy”……Thank you very much son!!! 😯
      Well hope to hear how you are all getting on and you are all well 🙂
      Sarah xxx


        Sounds like mayhem Sarah 😯

        Well for me, I am just so tired!!! Saturday really took it out of me, emotionally and physically. I was zooming between obstacles to try and get pictures, it was crazy 😕
        Didn’t even get time to chill on Sunday as we had food shopping, housework, a birthday party and then a family gathering at Ross’s mums!!!
        So come Monday I’m back at work shattered and feeling like I’m getting a cold 🙁
        However, I took a half day this morning and had a lay in. I then went and did a spin class followed by 15 minutes in the steam room and fingers crossed I am feeling better for it.
        Going to try and tally up how much we raised in total tonight so really looking forward to that 😀
        Thinking of going to the cinema this weekend, any recommendations??
        M xxxx


        Hi Ladies,

        Time mmm Sarah that is a good one, I too have had little me time recently what with running round after Lexi, starting working again, being poorly etc etc I am really short on me time and it is unlikely to change as Jim is working away this weekend and not back until late Tues but then he is working on an installation weds so that will also be a long day then he is off for a lads weekend the following Friday too!!!
        Ah well I wouldnt have it any other way 😮

        Well if anyone is around at the weekend fancies a play date in the park let me know obviously weather permitting.

        Hope you have fun at the cinema I would love to go but am not sure if there is anything good on at the moment I tend to wait for DVD’s.

        Lastly my thoughts are with those who have had tough weeks (((hugs)))

        Love Becs xxx

        Pork Chops

          Hey Michelle,
          I hope you are feeling better :)…gotta be the new American Pie film if you haven’t all ready seen it, had me howling!!! definitely as good as the first one 🙂
          Hey Becs,
          I’m working all weekend but I’m free most days in the week for play date in the park 🙂
          Oh Hayden got into his nursery for September, but It all depends if we have moved or not by then to whether he goes there,
          Hope you all have a pleasant weekend 🙂
          Sarah x


            Hi All

            Sorry I’m late for thoughts day. Time is a good one. I feel day to day I never have enough of it but this week we are at Center Parcs and it’s lovely not having to worry about all the things we usually need to do, and just spend time enjoying the children. They are having a lovely time.

            Max, x

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