Thoughts Day – 27th February 2013

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      Hi everyone. Happy Thoughts Day.

      My thoughts are with Michelle & Ross, hoping to hear that baby Joshua is doing well; with Ann & her family, especially Heather who had surgery on Monday; and with Fiona and her family who are also having a rough time.

      Get well soon everyone.

      Max, x


      Hi all,

      I too am thinking of all the Mummies out there with poorly babies or children and hoping they are all better soon. It must be the toughest time for you all, I find it hard enough when Lexi has a cold let alone major surgery/chronic diseases etc.

      Big hugs to you all and hoping for some good news for all of you soon.

      Becs xxxx

      Pork Chops

        Happy thoughts day all,

        I second all the above and hope for good news soon,
        Sarah x


        XXXXXXXXXXX to all who need them at the moment


          My thought for the day is good luck to all who need it and everyone who needs it to get well soon.

          my biggest thought of the day is to Team Tyler, good luck for sunday x x x x x


            Hello everyone, thank you so much for your lovely messages and thoughts. Heather is over the worst, my poor poppet ended up having laprascopic surgery followed by open surgery. She was in theatre for 5 hours having her prolapse and lower bowel attached to her spine. They then opened her up and removed 2ft of dead bowel. A massive op but for a 16 year old doubly massive.
            We are hoping to go home today so I can see Isla and my husband 🙂 thank you for all our wedding wishes too, we had the most magical memorable day that was just like a fairy tale.
            My love and thoughts go to you all especially those who are poorly or who have poorly family members.
            With love
            Ann x

            Pork Chops

              Aww bless her…. Wishing her a speedy recovery 🙂 x

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