The Ups and Downs Of Life

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      Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and the rain hasn’t kept you from doing nice things.
      Hopefully the sun will start to shine very soon, which will make us all feel much better.

      This week has and continues to be full of mixed emotions.
      Michelle has been a total star and spoken out on behalf of every parent who has lost a child. She was amazing but it is out of her and Paul’s sadness and loss that she finds herself speaking out.

      Bara and Steve are remembering Sam on his second birthday. A very special little boy who will never be forgotten.

      Anne-Marie has been so brave and now has her treatment plan. A long road ahead but I know she can do it and be as well and as positive as she can be – but it is still a very daunting and worrying time for her – a time that she should never be facing nor deserves.

      Today my thoughts are simple ” I do not understand why such wonderful people have to go through so much uncertainty, upset and pain”
      If I had just one wish, it would be to make the pain and suffering go away.

      I’d love to hear how you all are, sometimes sharing our inner thoughts good or bad, happy or sad can help others to feel better and help you not to feel so alone.

      Love always MB xxxxxxx

      Pork Chops

        Hello Mb,
        Hope you and your family are well 🙂 I too would choose that wish x
        I am hoping the sun shines on Friday as we Have a few friends over for the football and was hoping for a Bbq too.

        “The up’s and downs of Life”……. no matter what life throws at us, you ladies and my self have proven we will fight it, Anne- Marie you are an ispiration to go through all you have and still come out fighting 🙂
        Well done Michelle.
        Happy 2nd Birthday Sam, thinking of your family today x

        Looking forward to seeing you all at the Butterfly release if not before,
        Sarah x


          Happy Thoughts Day Everyone!

          Thinking of little Sam on his second birthday, love and thoughts go to Bara, Steve and Lyra x

          Michelle, a huge congratulations on your broadcasts. You represent us all so well x

          I will never understand why life is so cruel. I found out yesterday just what is in store for me and it is going to be a long road to recovery, but I will get there and see my gorgeous girls grow up. I am certainly going to be using my new TV lots and lots!!

          How is everyone else doing?

          Good luck with the house move Sarah, hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.
          Take care
          Anne-Marie x x x

          Eva’s mummy

            Hello everyone and happy thoughs day.

            I really wish the sun would come out and stay out especially for sunday as I run the race for life!
            I think its about time we were all given a break from the things the world keeps throwing at us we do not deserve all this pain!
            Anne-Marie thining of you always and here for you if you need us.
            Bara big hug for you.

            Not much to report from here sorry for the dissapointment.
            Rach xxx


            Hi all

            Ann how well you put into words what we feel I too would choose your wish xx

            Michelle you have been a star you spoke eloquently and we are all very proud of what you have set out to do and achieved.

            Bara and Steve I have been thinking of you today and remembering your gorgeous boy Sam.

            Anne-Marie it’s good you have your plan and know what you are faced with, keep strong and focused and enjoy your tv during those tough days and remember we are here for you should you need anything.

            Sarah where are you moving too? I hope it all goes ahead smoothly for you.

            Take care everyone

            Love Becs xxx


              Hi All

              Yes, the ups & downs of life. All of us on here know all about that, and Anne-Marie you have definately been given more than your quota of downs. Life is bloody cruel and I just fail to understand it sometimes.

              Nice to see some sunshine today. I’m so fed up of it feeling like October & dressing for winter! We have had our heating on several times this week. How mad is that?!

              Hope everyone is well.

              Max, x

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