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    Hey all

    We have been given yet another hoop to jump through this pregnancy, after our scan showed our little one to be developing nicely ie not having the same condition as Sam we thought we were safe to feel a bit excited, unfortunately our combined test came back that we were at high risk of downs 🙁 we decided that even though we were only just inside the cut off point that it was important that we had some answers do have decided to have the amnio despite the risk to the pregnancy. So today I have had the test and boy did it hurt so now we play the waiting game again but we have paid to have the main results fast tracked so should have some news by Friday. So am trying to keep positive and take it easy in the meantime which isn’t always that easy – thank goodness for my little girl who has kept me sane and busy in the 2 1/2 weeks we have already had to wait.
    So fingers crossed and I will keep you posted when we hear anything.

    Thanks for listening to me moan on as usual

    Becs xxxx

    Pork Chops

      Aww Becs,
      Im stuck for words…… Unlike me I know, but I really don’t know what to say…….
      I’m glad Lexi is keeping you occupied, I hope you get the results you want, sending you a massive cuddle here if you need anything,
      Love Sarah x


        Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear the worry you are going through and what a brave decision to have the test. I have heard how painful they are too. I have everything crossed that the answers are good and positive on Friday. I may
        Not be in England but I am thinking of you. Lots of love xxxx


          Hi Becs
          I was thinking of you today & hope that the lovely Mr A looked after you well. Take it easy over the next couple of days & hoping for happy news for you with the results.
          Max, x


            Thinking of you Becs at this stressful time. Fingers crossed that Friday brings you good news. Stay strong and positive
            Love Anne-Marie x x x

            Eva’s mummy

              Ah Becs
              Really hoping its good news for you, we thought Liam may have been downs as he had alot of fluid on the back of his neck so they were and we were concerned about that with Liam I really hope its good news for you.

              Thinking of you and sending you big hugs xxxxx


                Dear Becs, sorry to hear what is happening and that you had to have this horrible painful test done.
                I really hope and keeping all my fingers cross for good news on Friday.
                Sending you big hug


                Hi Becs,

                I am sorry to hear that suddenly you have some bads new to deal with and I hope the outcome is good. One of our friends test come back as high risk, they had the amnio and Millie is a perfectly healthy little girl, so keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

                take care and shout if you want to chat.


                Thanks so much everyone for your messages of support, only one more sleep to get through now n I think Lexi must know I need to be kept occupied at the moment as she is poorly again so I don’t have much time to dwell on anything now.

                Thanks again n will let you all know the results soon xxx


                  Sorry to hear Lexi is poorly again. A distraction yes but one you could probably do without. Will be thinking of you as you wait for the results tomorrow. x


                  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, A friend of mine was told all the way thro her pregnancy that her baby was ill and wouldnt survive, he is now 9 years old and has never had any problems at all.
                  Much love


                  Hey everyone

                  I just wanted to let you all know that our initial results from the amnio have come back all clear so we are now resting somewhat easier and going to try and enjoy this pregnancy now.

                  Thanks again to everyone for your words of support.

                  Becs xxx


                    Enjoy 🙂 so happy all is good xxx

                    Eva’s mummy

                      Very pleased for you Becs


                      Pork Chops

                        Great news Becs x

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