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    Pork Chops

      Hey Ladies,
      coming up to the 1St Anniversary of Tyler’s death on Saturday and strangely I’m doing OK, I feel really Sad but not to that stage where I want to bury my head in my hands for a few hours yet.
      I’ve made plans for Saturday this time….. I’m having my cousin and her partner over for dinner and going out to get some lanterns to write messages on and send to Tyler. We also have Tim’s nephew sleeping the night so will have lots to do :).
      I think I will find this easier then his Birthday as I didn’t want to plan anything and then the day came and we were moping around a bit cos we didn’t have nothing to do.
      I’ve spent the last 7 weeks thinking how long I actually got with Tyler and for that I am greatful… I just miss him sooo much.
      Now my eyes are starting to well, right i’m off, taking Hayden out for the day while we have some lovely sun 🙂 Then off to work so speak soon guys.
      Sarah x


      will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers this week.


        Ah Sarah. A very tough 7 weeks for you I’m sure. Will be thinking of you on Saturday especially. I’m pleased you have things planned. xx


          Will be thinking of you this Saturday. Hope it is not to windy so your lanterns fly high xxx
          Sending you big hug


            Hey Sarah

            I did go and say hi to Tyler on Sunday and thought the anniversary was coming up this week as it’s not long after Louie’s.

            It sounds lovely what you have planned and think it a good thing to try and keep a bit busy, i know it helped me.

            I’m looking forward to having a catch-up with you and all the ladies next week and will be thinking of you on Saturday.

            Take care. xx


            Bless u Sarah I am glad you have got things planned sometimes it is best to keep busy and rest assured your little man will be with you in spirit.
            I will be thinking of you all on Saturday.

            Becs n Lexi xxx


              Hugs to you all xxx

            Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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