Stacey and Joels story of Angelo Jack

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      I got married to my husband on 20th August 2011, I found out that i was pregnant on 10th febuary 2012 and we were expecting our first baby in October 2012. Going by my dates our baby was due on the 16th October 2012, i had my 1st scan on 12th April 2012. It was on this day that our world came crashing down. We were told that our baby had abnormalities, We were told that our baby had a large cystic area in the lower abdomen and an exomphacelous. we were sent to see the prenatal diagnostics team, they reccomended that we had further tests to rule out chromosomal abnormalities. I went to John Radcliffe hospital on the 16th April 2012 to have the CVS done. i was told i would have to wait a week for the results to come back. However i had a phone call from the hospital the very next day, i was informed over the phone that my baby had Edwards Syndrome. It felt like my whole world had stopped and came crashing down on me. I had to go to the hospital the next day to discuss the results further and discuss our options. I was told that our baby’s Edwards syndrome was most likely to be full Edwards and unlikely to be mosaic or partial, the only way to rule it out fully would be to have an amnio done. We decided against an amnio and said what will be will be. We were advised to terminate our pregnancy as the outcomes were bleak. we were told that we had a 95% chance of loosing our baby during the pregnancy. we were told there was a high risk of a preterm labour, we were also told that if we carried on with the pregnancy and our baby survived the pregnancy then we had a 30% risk of having a still born baby. At my scan i had my due date changed to the 24th October 2012. I had regular scan and checks, we had a lot of meetings too .On 23rd may 2012 we had our 20 week scan, I was only 18 weeks. We got told that our little baby is a little boy; we are going to call him Angelo Jack Smith. We have been told that he has got cysts on his brain (choroid plexus), his head is an irregular shape but we already knew that, his stomach is in his chest cavity so he probably has a diaphragmatic hernia. Because his stomach is in his chest cavity it is pushing his heart to the right side of his chest. He has still got the omphacele but it does appear to be smaller .Apart from that everything else appeared to be well. On the 28th July 2012 we had a 4d scan, we were told here that our son did not have exomphaleus but he had a cyst on his cord. 17th September we saw our consultant again and had another scan, we were told that his heart is in the right hand side of his chest, the right hand side of his heart is dilated with a small left side, the septum does not look normal, he has a complex cardiac problem to add to the list of his other problems. Our baby boy who we named Angelo Jack was born on the 27th October 2012. Our precious baby boy fought for 40 weeks and 3 days, he defied the odds for all this time, we spent a precious 2 hours with him before he passed away due to his Edwards syndrome and a diaphragmatic hernia. He we born at 18.39 and passed away at 20.30, he weighed 4lb 11oz and was 48.5 cm long. he was perfect in every single way.


      Hello Stacey and Jack, welcome to the forum. I hope sharing and hearing other peoples story will give you a little comfort at this increadibly difficult and sad time. It is a great place to ‘vent’ and get things off your chest.
      I send you lots of love and hugs

      Pork Chops

        Hi Stace,
        Still there and always there for you!
        Welcome to the forum, i hope you find more comfort in using it. The ladies are amazing and i have made some really good friends,
        lots of love Sarah x


          Hi Stacey

          I am so sorry to read your story & to learn of the loss of Angelo Jack. You are incredibly brave to have continued with your pregnancy, knowing the risks but never giving up on your son. I hope that you will treasure those few hours you spent with him.

          Use this forum to talk to others who understand. All of our circumstances are slightly different but we all know the pain of losing a child.

          Max, x


            Hi Stacey,

            So sorry to read your story. The ladies on this forum have helped me so much already and I’m sure you’ll find the same, all of our stories are different but we have one shared feeling, losing a child. I hope you can find some comfort here and welcome to the forum.

            Katie xxx

            Eva’s mummy

              HEllo Stacey and Joel
              so sorry to hear your story, I hope you can find comfort in this forum and know that people are here to listen.

              Rach xx


              Hi Stacey and Joel

              A warm if sad welcome to the forum, I think it has all been said already by the other ladies on here, but I echo their thoughts and hope that you will find as much comfort and support as I have on here that will help you through your toughest times.

              Take care and keep talking it really does help.

              Becs xxx

              Sams Mummy who gained his butterfly wings aged 21 weeks due to anencephaly.


                Hi Stacey

                Welcome to the forum and for sharing your sons story with us all. Everyone is lovely on the forum and has helped me to talk through my feelings and i hope you find that you can find some comfort in the forum.

                Michelle. xxxx

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