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      Hello my lovely people

      The coach will be leaving my work at BEECH AVENUE at 8.15am.
      Please remember booster and travel seats if you wish your child/children to use them – the tour company do not provide them.

      Buggies will go in the hold 😀 I’m sure some of you will need them.

      Food is optional to whether you picnic or buy there, I’m sure the food will be pricey!!!

      Just to confirm there is nothing to pay at all apart from any food, drink or gifts you may wish to buy .

      It will be a long but FUN day and it looks like the sun is going to shine 😀 😀 😀 remember your sun cream etc

      I feel very lucky that we were chosen for such a wonderful FREE day out!!!!

      See you at the coach, once I have checked we are all there we will be on our way

      Lots of love

      (P.S) This trip is now full and the tickets are purchased so I cannot take any extra people with me this time 😕 😕

      Pork Chops

        Hey Ann,
        Thanks for the info…..Children are very excited 🙂
        See you bright an early Sat morning.
        Sarah and co 🙂 x


          yay I am so excited and we are going to have some nice weather for once
          thank you Ann we feel very lucky to be included in this trip
          see you Saturday
          Jackie x

          Eva’s mummy

            We are also looking forward to Saturday very excited children.
            Lovely weather for us to we are all very lucky to have been chosen.

            Thank you

            Rach xxx


              Can I tell you a secret? I’ve wanted to go to Legoland since I was about 8, but growing up in Scotland meant that e were a bit too far away from the Legoland entry gates…in Denmark. Then Legoland Windsor opened in 1996, the year Alex and I were married, and I told myself we’d definitely go soon…but didn’t quite make it…
              So, this means that I may be the most excited one on the bus, because 32 years is a long time to want to go somewhere, but I’ll try and be good!
              The other clan members are also really looking forward to this fantastic free frolic! It’s going to be such a lot of fun and I’m so glad we’re joining other Butterfly Families to go there.
              Many thanks, Ann, for the chance to take part in the Legoland Trip! xxx


              Pork Chops

                Ha Fiona your so funny!!!!

                Ann, know it may be a silly question….but are we able to leave our cool boxes on the coach and go back to them later for lunch time??? As its quite heavy to carry round x


                  I don’t think we will be able to sleep on Friday night! So looking forward to it.
                  Thank you Ann mwah x
                  Will be there about 8 ( as we are always late don’t want to miss it of course ;))
                  See you on Saturday



                  We are so excited! I managed to keep it a secret until a couple of days ago. I didn’t think Reggie would understand but Neve searched for it on the internet to show her (much better with technology than me!) They keep singing about it now, I’ll have to ask them to teach you on the coach, hehe.

                  It’s such a lovely treat. Really looking forward to seeing you for a day of giggles.

                  Lots of love xxxxx


                  PS. Just read Fiona’s comment. That’s brilliant, 32 years of waiting! I can imagine you at the front of all the queues well before the little ones, hehe.

                  See you Sat xxxxx



                    You can leave cool boxes etc on the coach and return to the coach at lunch but apparently its quite a long walk!!!
                    The coach drops us off at the main gates and then parks up in the coach bays.

                    Ill leave it to you what you think is best but Jo is also coming with us who is the lady that has organised our trip so I’m sure she’ll be full of information

                    See you in the morning

                    Ann x


                    Can’t wait. All very excited. Not sure whose more excited ,Matthew or his daddy!!!!
                    See you all bright and early.

                    Pork Chops

                      Yay thats good news Ann, we will be able to thank her in person.
                      Unfortunatly Miya Won’t be joining us, She has a sickness bug and has been in bed all day today so she will be staying at her mums. We have subbed Miya for Tims nephew So numbers still added up….So 2 very excited boys that didn’t go bed till 9.10!!! I had no control over this as I was at work lol
                      See you all bright and early in the morning,
                      Sarah x


                        I’m so excited 😀

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