Remembering my baby boy x

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    Hi all,

    I had a little tear this morning as there was an advert on tv that played the song we had played at Sams funeral, it was a bit of a shock as I hadn’t listened to the song in such a long time but it was nice little reminder of our gorgeous little man. I may have to go and get my cd out n have a bit of me time with my boy this Xmas.

    Hope those of you going through a rough time this Xmas are kind to yourselves as I promise outdoes get easier.

    Becs xxxx


    Hi Becs,

    I should imagine those little reminders will always stop us in our tracks. I have the songs we had at Emmie’s funeral on my iPod as I like to listen to them now and again as it reminds me of her.

    Look after yourself, i am sure Sam will be looking down smiling at you.


    Pork Chops

      Hey Becs,
      yeah I imagine that took you a little by surprise, yeah I hope your doing ok… thats nice you can do that, I don’t listen to Tyler’s songs, I don’t know why… Probs because I’d just sit there and ball πŸ™
      I hope your all doing well, I been so busy recently but sat in for once this afternoon and it put me down in the dumps, I don’t know if it’s because we wrapped Miyas and Hayden’s presents last night, or just because its that time of year for family to all be together and that. Who knows… Thinking of you all though, hopefully ill wake up in a better mood, well perhaps not as I’ve got a filling in the morning πŸ™
      I really hope your all doing ok x


        Hello ladies.
        I hope you are all ok ?!?
        It’s a strange time of year, it’s supposed to be a happy time but sadly there will always be an undercurrent of sadness. It good to remember our little ones, and to take time out if only a few minutes to remember them. I know you think about them every day but Christmas time makes it a lot roarer and harder.
        Be kind to yourselves and take that time when you need it, whether you listen to music, sit quietly or just think – your little ones will be watching over you.
        Love as always
        MB XXXX

        Pork Chops

          Hey ladies and Mb, hope you and your family are well! Congratulations on your engagement Mb πŸ™‚ yeah struggling a little :(,Christmas Day we have decided to open our present, get dressed and head to the cemetery, I’m feeling low again πŸ™ but excited for Hayden as he is so excited this year and being extra good so Santa brings him lots of presents πŸ™‚
          Got the family that’s getting on,!over for a party on Christmas Eve πŸ™‚ and the ones that aren’t on Christmas Day night…:/ ….. Trying to keep me busy!!!
          Hope you are all well, Sarah x


            Hi All
            Thinking of you all & remembering our precious babies, especially at Christmas. I feel like I’ve neglected Grace recently as I just haven’t had time to visit her grave. She is never far from my thoughts.
            Life is quite crazy with 3 at home & some days I just don’t feel I’m coping very well. I’m severely sleep deprived which isn’t helping. Geoff has only been back at work for 2 weeks after 9 weeks off but is fortunately off for Christmas.
            Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & good things in 2013.
            Max, xx

            Pork Chops

              Aww max sounds a little crazy! Wishing you some sleep, a merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 too x

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