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      I have hit rock bottom, Angelo Jack should be 6 months old on Saturday and i am really struggling. I just wish i could bring him back just so i could be able to see him, hold him, love him, look after him and bring him up. I miss him so much, it hurts, pretty much this week it has been nothing but tears, nothing is pulling me back up. I just feel like im under water and sinking lower and lower and there is nothing to bring me up again


        Bless you, I can only imagine you’re pain and all the different emotions you are going through. Grief is a strange thing and it tends to creep up on you when you’re not looking then it knocks you off your feet!!!
        Sadly it is all part of the painful process and each milestone will bring a different level of sadness and anguish! Try and take things easy, be kind to yourself and for now just follow your emotions and take each day as it comes. We are always here to listen and be your shoulder when you need us.
        Take care, butterfly kisses,
        Ann x

        Pork Chops

          Stacey every milestone that you come too will be hard, but things do get easier with time. Use those around you to make plans with and occupy you, although sometimes a little alone time just to sit and remember is good too! Must log on more, take care n see ya soon Sarah x

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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