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      Hi everyone

      I know i always seem to be putting petitions on but if we all work together for change then hopefully change will happen! That’s my Wednesday thought anyway.

      I have attached the link to all the epetitions relating to stillbirth as there is a new one added for pregnant ladies to have a 3rd scan in the 3rd trimester.

      Hope your all ok.

      Michelle. xx



        I’ve just been on and added my name to a couple on there



          Thanks michelle. Xx


            Well done Michelle for bringing this to our attention and well done Michelle for being the first to post on the partitions:)

            I think change is perfect for thoughts day. A small word with a big meaning.

            I’m hoping we find change for all those who are sad, lonely, scared and need good news.

            Let’s hang onto the thought that if we all hope that change will happen then the world will become a better place, and suffering of all kinds will end forever 🙂

            Can we add strength to the mix as well as with hope, it’s really poignant for this week !

            Happy change, strength and hope Wednesday <3

            Lots of love
            MB XXXXXX


            Happy thoughts day to all … Even if I am a bit late 😉
            All signed Michelle, I am all for change for the better and am thinking strong healing thoughts for those that need them too.
            Also I would like to add a big thank you for people’s generosity too.

            Becs xxx

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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