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      Its been suggested to us that we might want to have some photographs of Isobels funeral next week, I don’t know how I feel about it.

      We want it to be a beautiful day, fitting for our beautiful girl and we are asking that no one wears black etc. I just wondered what anyone else though. I want to remember the day and I’m concerned that I wont as everything is a blur at the moment, but at the same time is taking photographs appropriate?

      Thank you xxx

      Pork Chops

        Urm every body is so different… I was completely unaware that so many photos were taken at Tyler’s funeral, but looking back now I’m glad they were as its more memory for us, occasionally I have looked through them.
        Only you can decide what’s right for you, Sarah x


        We took photos every step of the way for that particular reason, and I am so glad we did, but you have to go with your instinct.
        much love



          I take pictures of Louie’s grave on birthdays and xmas and add these to his photo album that way his album is still growing. If your now sure why dont you take them as you never have to look at them but if you dont you might regret it.

          Michelle. x



          We didn’t take photo’s at the funeral, but I have a memory book with pictures of Emmie, her flowers and pictures of her grave at special occasions like Xmas.

          When I am feeling low I have a look at the book and I am so glad I have the pictures along with all her bits that are in her memory box. They are anything from the Xmas decoration Gracie painted to hang on her grave to a lock of her hair.

          It is entirely your choice and I suppose if you don’t take any pictures then you may regret it as you can’t get them back.



            Isobels funeral was beautiful, it was so hard and I don’t remember much to be honest but I know the sun was shining and the flowers were beautiful and I remember signing ‘You are my sunshine’ with Matt. We’ve just heard that we have some ashes too which (I know this sounds odd) is brilliant as we were warned we may not have any, I’m so glad we do so we can bring our baby girl home where she belongs.

            I know some people took pictures and we took one of both of our hands holding her coffin, I can’t look at them but its reassuring to know there are there if we did want to look at the one day.





              Pleased the sun was shining for Isobel’s funeral. It does not sound odd about her ashes. I wanted to have Grace cremated but only if we would have some remains to bury. This was really important to me & so Ann spoke to the crematorium to ensure it would be OK. We buried her ashes in a plot on our local churchyard at a later date. I needed to have somewhere I could visit. Take care. xx

              Eva’s mummy

                BIt late sorry but I like you was unsure whether or not we should take photos but I did take them and Im so glad I took them right or wrong for me this was what I wanted and i like to look back over my photos regulary we lost our baby Callum who was still born this year will be 6 years ago never knew why he died but so glad I have the photos.

                Rach xx

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