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    Hi Everyone

    Just thought i would share with you an article Mumstreet (Northamptonshire online magazine) wrote about ‘Campaign for Safer Births’. Below:
    <h2>Show your support to reduce the risk of avoidable stillbirths</h2>
    A mum who lost her son to medical failings when he was less than an hour old has launched a campaign to prevent other families suffering similar avoidable heartbreak.
    Michelle Hemmington, from Northamptonshire, has launched the Campaign for Safer Births with Nicky Lyon from Cheshire, who also lost her son due to medical negligence.
    The pair are campaigning vehemently to improve staffing on labour wards, particularly 24 hour consultant cover. Despite 70% of babies being born at night, staffing levels at these times are poor and junior doctors are often left unassisted. As a result, giving birth during the night or at the weekend is associated with a 45% increased risk of neonatal death due to oxygen starvation during the birth.
    Michelle and Nicky would also like to see Birth Certificates issued for all babies who are registered as stillborn. Current law means that parents whose baby is stillborn can only register the baby’s death and receive a certificate of stillbirth. This practice is to help with monitoring statistics.
    However, Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris agrees the law should be changed. “Some parents really need to have that birth and death certificate to move on in the slightest way,” he says. “It’s a really big deal for them.
    “If they want two bits of paper, in a modern society we can do that without upsetting government statistics.”
    Coroners are currently not involved with the death of babies at birth and the campaign is also fighting for incidents of avoidable infant death to be fully and openly investigated with the help of a coroner. Michelle and Nicky hope this will lead to understanding of mistakes, improvements being implemented and stillbirth rates reduced.
    Approximately 500 babies die each year due to avoidable complications during delivery. Many babies are also left permanently brain damaged or disabled. Find out how you can help the Campaign for Safer Births, and like them on Facebook.

    I’m really pleased with it and feel it has been really well written and gets the point across.

    The campaign Facebook page has reached almost 45o which is fantastic.

    I hope everyone is ok and i look forward to seeing you all soon.


    Michelle. xxxx


      Michelle that’s great for your campaign x

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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