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      Hi everyone
      Some of you may know I was interviewed for the sunday times in support of increased consultant cover on maternity wards. The article came out last sunday 28th july. Through this I was asked to be interviewed on BBC radio northampton regarding my campaigning on tuesday which I did at 7.10am. What the radio station hadn’t told me was that they had asked for a statement from NGH on the death of louie which was aired after my interview an hour later. My mum heard this (I was at work) and it really upset her as they basically said louie would have died anyway.
      I called the station and asked them not to air this statement again as we are going with a legal case regarding louies death and if I had know about this statement I would never have done the interview. I was then contacted by BBC Look East for an interview on my campaign for consultant covwe, etc, but I declined because of the possible use of the statement from NGH.
      I feel very let down, hurt and tricked and angery that I have not been able to respond to this statement because of our legal case. I have also made a decision not to do anymore media regarding my campaigning unless I can get a guarantee that louies case will not be brought into it. I only want to make a positive change in maternity and stillbirth law yet I feel a fool for thinking the media would just want to hear about that rather then getting a story.

      Michelle. X

      Pork Chops

        Aww Michelle I’m soooo sorry to hear this! You know what… I’d feel exactly the same! To the radio station Louie’s case is just a story where as to you… It’s your life! I too would make the same decision about the media after that!
        Hear any time you need me! Keep your head held high, lots of love Me x


        Bless u Michelle that’s awful after all your tireless work to raise awareness too.
        Big hugs to you all and always here if you need us

        Becs xxx

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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