Light at the end of my long tunnel

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      Happy Thoughts Day Everyone!

      Hope you & your families are well?

      Just wanted to share with you all that I had my last dose of chemo yesterday! Hip hip hooray!!! It has been a horrendous and evil journey but with the help of my amazing family & some very special friends, I have made it!!

      The tv you so kindly clubbed together & bought me for my bedroom has been an absolute god send! Can’t thank you enough!! On my bad days I just bundle me & the girls up in my bed & have a DVD day!!!

      I’ve still got a long journey ahead of me but the worst is over. I start herceptin on Monday which I have to have IV every 21 days for a year!! I’m due to have 3 weeks of radiotherapy in November & then following that I will start tamoxifen which is a tablet I’ll need to take for 5 years!! Then at some point I’ll be having reconstruction!!

      Keep chatting & supporting each other. Once I’m over the hideous side affects of this last dose, my immunity will no longer be compromised, so will be able to meet up with you lovely people again.

      Take care & keep smiling
      Love Anne-Marie x x x


      Hi Anne-Marie,

      I am so pleased to hear you are getting on okay and that you are coming to the end of the chemo and into the next step.
      You sound like you are taking it all in your stride, but I can’t imagine the emotions you have been through so far to get to this point.
      It will be lovely when you can come to one of the get togethers to meet the new additions now we have 3 between us abs Max’s is not far away until she has hers.
      Taker care
      Carla xxx

      Pork Chops

        Hi Anne Marie,
        That is great news 🙂 I’m so pleased for you and your beautiful family, I too as Carla said cannot imagine the journey you have been on, so glad your nearing the end of the chemo,
        Take care and looking forward to seeing you fit and well again, Sarah x


          Anne, you astound me.
          I feel totally blessed that I have been able to support you through your dreadful treatment. Watching my friend become so poorly is the worst thing ever but on the flip side I have never met anyone who has stayed positive, remained herself and to have such courage and dignity.i know the path is still a long one but if you can get through chemo you can get through anything.
          Here’s to many more giggles, love and friendship!!
          I am very very proud of you!
          Love always me xxxxxx


            Hi Anne-Marie

            I’m so pleased to hear that the chemo is finally over. I hope that the next stages of this horrible journey are much gentler on you.
            You have been so brave through all of this, I really admire you for that.
            Look forward to seeing you once you feel up to it & I escape from Robert Watson ward!
            Lots of love
            Max, xx


            That’s fantastic news Anne-Marie and I am so glad that your present helped you through some of the more difficult days.

            I think everyone else has said it all really but I must agree that you have been one hell of a strong positive lady throughout your ordeal of which I can only imagine so I hope the rest of this journey is kinder to you and that light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter day by day.

            I look forward to seeing you as soon as you feel up to it.

            Love n hugs

            Becs xxx


              So pleased that all is going so well for you and soon you will be able to meet up with us all. It was and still is so hard for you and your love ones but because you are so strong and have such a huge support it really helps.
              So pleased for you.
              Wishing you to get well very soon and hopefully you will not have any pains with rest of the treatment.
              Lots of love from us


                I’m sorry but im going to repeat what everyone has already said but you really are amazing and i can’t imagine how hard it has been for you and your family. It will be lovely to see you and have a proper catch-up.

                Michelle. xxxx

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