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      Our trip to Legoland is fast approaching – Saturday 11th August 2012

      The tour company have confirmed now that the seats on the coach have lap belts and they are more than happy for you to bring car seats and booster seats.

      For insurance purposes they need full names of everyone attending along with the age of all children (not adaults šŸ˜† ) that will be coming on the trip.

      Can you please post the requested details as soon as possible.

      Once we are finally sorted I will let you know times and places of the pick ups on the morning.

      See you all soon

      Ann x

      Eva’s mummy

        HI Ann I will pop in and see you if thats ok soon as I have a couple of questions that I need to ask you.

        Rach xxx

        Pork Chops

          Hey Ann….excited šŸ™‚

          Sarah York
          Hayden England aged 2………..
          And hopefully joining us this time will be šŸ˜‰

          Tim England
          Miya England aged 6

          Hope your all ok šŸ™‚
          Sarah x


          Hi all

          Becky Beck
          Jim Beck
          Lexi Beck aged 1


          Becs xxx


            Hi Ann,
            Sadly that is my chemo week, so my little family won’t be able to join you on this one.
            Have lots of fun
            Anne-Marie x x x


              Hi Ann

              I’m having a real dilemma about Legoland. We didn’t know Geoff’s days off for August but got his roster last night and he is working. I honestly don’t think it will work for us, me coming with both children. They are at quite different stages obviously & with both parents would have been a lovely day. So I’m really sorry but I think we will have to miss this one too.

              Sorry it coincides with your chemo Anne-Marie. I’m sure you will take your lovely girls another time when you are in fantastic health again. Thinking of you as always.

              Max, xx


                Hello everyone,

                I’m sorry to say I think I may have to pull the plug on Legoland. Everyone was up for it when I asked and I filled all 47 places. 8 people have already pulled out and I need to take a full coach. Please don’t say anything to your children until I have spoken to the tour company as I would hate them to be disappointed x


                  Hi Ann,

                  we are still up for it, if it goes ahead…………
                  Jackie Wearing
                  Tom Wearing
                  Lily Wearing age 5 years
                  Cian Wearing age 10 months

                  not to worry if not though you did your best x

                  Jackie x

                  Pork Chops

                    Hi Ann,
                    Thats really sad as Hayden and Miya are really excited about the trip…we are on a count down šŸ˜€
                    If it does get cancelled I will still take them so don’t worry bout letting the children down. But Tim just suggested if you need to fill seat we can help fill them seats. The 2 other men that ran with us in the half marathon for children are butterflies are families of 4 and im sure they would love to take their children. They are both running again next year 2 :)….i’m kinda making them lol!!!
                    Just a suggestion but a massive shame to cancel
                    Sarah x


                    Clare, chris and Matthew Bird (5)

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