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    Hi everyone,
    I’m new and a little nervous but will start with a little bit about our story.

    My husband and I lost our beautiful little girl on 7th May. She was born the day we would’ve been 24 weeks. Eva was poorly with a rare genetic condition and we’re still quite shocked by everything. She was our first baby and, whilst we can’t believe that we have lost her, we feel so blessed that she was with us and will always be a part of us.

    We are amazed and humbled by the support we have received and, although its so sad that there has to be groups and forums, I feel so comforted by the fact that people are there to support and people take the time to help others. We would like to thank everyone at Hollowells and the hospital for your support. Claire at Hollowell’s has been totally amazing and supportive right from the moment we spoke on the phone. I was able to go and sit and read with Eva everyday until we said goodbye. We had the most beautiful and peaceful funeral service for Eva on Monday 21st May taken by the celebrant Peter Wyllie. He helped us put together a lovely service and delivered it with sensitivity and excellence.

    Thank you all for sharing on here and thank you to Hollowells for establishing such an amazing charity.

    Laura xx


      Hi Laura

      A warm but sad welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your little girl Eva. I lost my second baby, and first daughter, Grace, at 24+1 weeks almost 3 years ago now so I may be able to relate to some of the shock & emotions you are experiencing. I suffered premature rupture of membranes & Grace was born just over a day later. We thought she would do well but she died aged just 10 hours, we later discovered as a result of Group B Strep infection.

      I remember feeling like my world had totally fallen apart when we lost Grace. Life carried on for friends & family as though nothing had happened and I watched as friends had babies & the pain was unbearable. Life gets better. The days do get easier
      & the tears flow less. You will never forget your beautiful daughter, she will never be far from your thoughts, but in time you will find a new normal.

      I have been very lucky to have another daughter, Evie who is now 15 months. I was well looked after during my pregnancy. I hope that in time you will feel ready to have a brother or sister for Eva too.

      Thinking of you & your family.

      Max, x
      Mummy to George age 4, Grace who died 25th June aged 10 hours & Evie age 15 months

      Eva’s mummy

        Hello Laura and welldone for sharing your story of your baby girl.
        Im so sorry that you have had to join us on here but hope you will be able to get to know us all and feel comforted in times of need.
        I lost my first child Callum almost 5 years ago now at 42 weeks the day I was supposed to be induced, it is a shock when everything seems to be going so well. We never found a cause as to why Callum died but like you feel comforted by the fact he was apart and always will be apart of our life.
        Also like Max says things do get easier I have now had another 2 children and was monitired very carefully throughout my pregnancys.
        Always here to listen.

        Rach xx

        Pork Chops

          Hey Laura,

          Welcome to the forum, thank you for sharing the story of your little Girl with us. I’m sorry to hear of your loss and glad she had a lovely service. Completely understandable that you are nervous, I remember writing my 1st post with the same feelings. The Ladies are a lovely bunch and I have made some lovely friends 🙂
          We lost Tyler on 26th May 2011 so this weekend was very difficult for me being the 1st anniversary.
          We are all hear to listen share and talk about anything you want to, good or bad.
          Thinking of you and your Husband.
          Sarah xxx
          Mummy to Hayden (aged 2 and half) and Butterfly Tyler (who would be 14 months)


            Hello Laura,
            Thank you for sharing with us. I am sure Eva is with you every day and will be with you forever. It will never stop hurting but time will is big healer.
            sending you big hug

            mummy to Sam who was born sleeping at 39 weeks (13th June 2010)
            and to Lyra our little rainbow princess who is 6 months


              Hi Laura

              A warm welcome to you, I am sure you will find comfort on this forum xxx

              I lost my identical twin girls at 22 weeks back in November and there was no reason for it happening. This was my first pregnancy too so I know exactly how you are feeling.

              For me, the ladies on this forum have helped me immensely as the world soon moves on but we will never forget.

              Michelle xxx
              Evie and Bella’s mummy


                Hi Laura,
                Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you find some comfort on here.
                I lost my son Kyle at 38 weeks on 20th June 2010, it has got easier although you never believe it when you are told this in the early days, I still get days when I feel sad and shed tears and I guess I always will.
                I am sure your beautiful daughter Eva is with you every day
                take care Jackie x


                Thank you so much for your lovely and supportive comments. It’s so nice to know that there is such a good support network out there.
                My thoughts also go out to you all for your losses.
                Thanks again
                Laura x


                  A big warm welcome to our wonderful butterfly family Laura. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Eva. All our gorgeous butterflies will look after your Eva. Well done for taking the huge step of sharing your story, we all know how difficult that is.

                  I am a mummy to three beautiful girls. Lucy aged 6 years and identical twin girls Alice and butterfly Grace aged 3 years. My gorgeous twin girls had a rare syndrome and as a result, Grace died a few hours before I delivered them.

                  Being 3 years through the journey of grief, I can reassure you that the bad days do slowly get replaced by better days. We are all here to chat, listen, laugh and cry with you. You need never feel alone.

                  Sending you and your family lots of strength to get through these difficult early weeks.
                  Take care
                  Anne-Marie x


                  Hi Laura,

                  It is a big thing writing your first post, and well done for taking that first step, i remember how i felt at the time.

                  So sorry to hear of you loss of baby Eva, you never forget but each day that goes by does get easier as time goes on.

                  I lost Emmie Louise in October last year, she was 40 weeks +6 days and there was nothing wrong with her, she got distressed after my waters broke for what reason we will never know. I also have a daughter who is 4, Gracie who has kept us going throughout.

                  We are here for you whenever you need, I know when I feel low I log on and write a post of how I am feeling and it is nice to know that the girls are here for you and can totally relate to what you are feeling.

                  Take care

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