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      Hello everyone, I hope you are all ok and enjoying the sunshine!
      It’s a warm one and people are already moaning. As you have probably seen, our little charity had been nominated for The Butterfly Award in Birmingham. I was so touched when I found out
      To my horror the butterflies have hatched a week early due the warm weather, so they are going to have lots of loving extra care but it will be lovely to see you and spend time with you all on Sun 21st. You still have time to send your slips in if you want to attend.
      My love to you all as always,
      Keep talking especially as we have new members.
      Lots of love


      looking forward to the butterfly release. I cant remember how long things go on for. Matthew has been invited to a party that afternoon, and wants to do both. so we will need to be back in N for 1.45pm. I am definatly too hot!!!!! but it is lovely to see the sun. I see the consultant on mon to get date for my section.


        The release will be at approx 12.15pm Clare so you should have plenty of time to do both.
        I drove by you the other day, looking gorgeous and bonnie – no wonder your warm. Take care x


        Hi Ann,

        I can’t find my slip, can I still come? And could you let me know the venue etc… again if so?

        Sorry, I know I am a pain!!!

        Will be lovely to see everyone 🙂



          Yes of course, same place as last year- 12 noon on Sunday 21st. Just let me know (via here) the name you would like read out – whether her first or all names and if poss how many adults and kiddies are coming xxxx

          Pork Chops

            Ann that’s fantastic, we will be at the butterfly release too… Looking forward to catching up with every one and meeting new families too 🙂


              Hello my little brown friend.
              Hope you had s fabulous time, your photos are lovely 🙂
              Have you sent the slip in huni, I’m just trying to keep a record so everyone’s name is read out x


              Hi all

              We are all looking forward to the release this year as we were away last year so missed it 🙁

              Ann would it be possible to bring Lexi in to see the butterflies sometime? Just say no if you think that’s best it was just a thought.

              I will prob need some directions as to where to go as not been there before.


              Becs xxx


              Hi Ann,

              We will come next week. Myself, Mark, Gracie & Daisy.

              Can you read out Emmie’s full name please – Emmie Louise Thompson.

              I didn’t come last year so could you tell me the full address please as I lost my invite.

              Looking forward to seeing everyone 🙂

              Carla x


                Hi Ann
                Congratulations on being nominated I cant think of anyone more deserving.

                We will be at the butterfly release and could you read Louie’s full name (Louie Hemmington Buckley).
                See you there. Xxxx


                  HELLO EVERYONE

                  Not long now and it looks like we will have Sun on Sunday

                  The address is as follows :-

                  Ivy Cottage
                  Creaton Road, Hollowell
                  Northampton NN6 8RP

                  Its starts at 12 and we are due to finish at 2.00pm. The release will be at the beginning so for those who can’t or don’t wish to stay for a picnic and natter can leave without missing the most important part.
                  We have a child’s entertainer coming too so it should make for a really nice time.

                  I am not really going to be around a lot between now and Sunday as Heather has become poorly again and is having scans and tests today then MORE surgery tomorrow . If you need help with anything please ring my work 01604 79 22 22 and ask for Clare, she wll either help you or get a message to me.

                  See you all Sunday xxxx

                  Pork Chops

                    Aww I hope every things ok with heather bless her x
                    Yeah I sent slip back as soon as you sent me invite 😉 x
                    See you all on sunny Sunday x


                      Hope all goes well for Heather. Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. We are double booked so may not be able to stay too long after but we plan to be with you for the butterfly release.

                      Thanks Ann for organising it.

                      Max, x

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