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      Hello All!
      Hope everyone is doing ok? Just wanted to share my sadness today. I have just submitted Alice’s application to start school next September!! I’m always aware that landmark events with Alice are always tinged with sadness as I should have two little girls starting school. However, I wasn’t prepared for the question ” is your child a twin?”!! In the end, I had to tick ‘no’ as it would have then asked for the other twins’ details and applied for another school place!! I feel so guilty that I said no, but I’m sure Grace will understand. My beautiful surviving twin is growing up!!
      Take care
      Anne-Marie x x x


        Oh Anne-Marie, thats so hard. Of course Grace would understand though. You do what you have to do to comply with the standard paperwork. I always feel guilty & sad when I have to fill anything in with details of my children & have to miss my Grace off. I always feel I should include her but of course I can’t, with the exception of my maternity notes, they are only interested in living children.

        I’d forgotten that no sooner does the new school year start that you have to apply for the following year. Enjoy having Alice home whilst you can, more so once your treatment ends I’m sure, then next year a new exciting chapter will begin.

        Lots of love,
        Max, xx


          It had to be so hard Anne-Marie 🙁
          I know this was official paperwork but if somebody asks me if Lyra is first child I always say no 2nd! I know I should not do that ( as people don’t know what to say) but honestly I’m proud butterfly mummy and if somebody minds who cares.
          But yes official paperwork is so hard to fill up.

          Sending bug hug


            Big hug oops x


            Hi Anne Marie,


            I hate feeling like that when people ask and you have to not include the baby you have lost, I found it hard at work when I was pregnant and people who I didn’t really know asked me how many children I had already, sometimes I told them about Emmie sometimes i didn’t, it depended on the situation.

            It was like a breath of fresh air whilst i was staying in hospital as the midwives and staff actually did ask me about Emmie and what happened.

            Take care and try not to feel guilty as it is something out of your hands.


            Pork Chops

              Aww that would have been hard, fortunately on official paper work like that I can avoid those questions as the usually ask about older siblings or the number Hayden is in the family which is 2 as Miya is 1. I find it ever so difficult awkward questions so feel that with you!!! Which also reminds me… Hayden starts school in September, so my next job is to visit primary schools, we have a couple of months to make our choice though… Better check that one out!!! Hope your ok Anne Marie, Sarah x

              Eva’s mummy

                Hi Anne-Marie

                Hope your ok. That must have been hard for you.
                I to have submitted Liams I did it Last monday on Callums Birthday it was so hard for me on Monday when Callum should have been starting school so I thought I would sort out Liams.
                Its so tough the things we have to go through in life and so unfair.

                Thinking of you

                Rach xx


                  Hi Anne-Marie

                  That must have been so hard for you and can understand about the guilt but like everyone has said with official paperwork it doesn’t allow for our situations.

                  Like Bara if people ask me i say Lulah is my second and have now come to the conclusion that if that makes people feel awkward then they shouldn’t have asked and it’s their problem. But i know like you with paperwork like this there will be a time when i may not be able to include Louie.

                  Hope your doing ok and hope to see you soon.

                  Michelle. xxxx

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