Excited, but apprehensive.

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    Hi everyone, hope you’re all enjoying the christmas period(and coping ok) I’m very excited but very very apprehensive…I’m pregnant! How do you cope with the apprehension, the nerves the feelings that history will repeat? Trying very hard to keep calm and positive.
    enjoy the rest of the holidays


    Hi Clare,

    Firstly a massive congratulations, how far are you????

    I think you will always worry about history repeating itself and also be aware of all the issues the rest of us have had. You must try and be positive and look forward taking each week by week.

    Keep us updated.

    Pork Chops

      Aww Clare congratulations on your pregnancy. Yeah I’m sure your feelings are completely normal, I feel that you should take every day as it comes and try and enjoy it πŸ™‚ I know that’s probably easier said then done.
      Yes keep us updated, sarah x


      That’s fantastic news Clare, all I can say is its hard but you must try to stay positive or 40 weeks is a long time to worry for.
      Don’t forget we are here to listen to any of those concerns as I am sure there is one or two of us who have had the exact same feelings/ thoughts during our subsequent pregnancies so can hopefully alleviate a little pressure for you with our support, but if you feel you want closer monitoring or support from the Drs n midwives just ask most of them are very good if they know and understand your circumstances.

      A big congrats again what a lovely Xmas present. Keep us posted huni.

      Becs xxx


        hi clare

        wow thats fantastic news im so happy for you.

        like everyone has said you will worry about the pregnancy but try to think positive. the only way i got through it was to not think about it almost ignore it but i now cant remember much of lulah’s pregnancy which is a shame but was my way of coping. anything your worried about speak to your midwife and ask for scans if your still worried.

        what a lovely xmas present and start to the new year.

        michelle. xxxx


        Thank you ladies, I’m about six weeks and sick as a pig. Ive never been able to hide my pregnancies due to the sickness, dosnt help ive had norovirus and a stinking cold back to back. Have spoken to Jane, she has organised me a scan for 11th jan. Its going to be a long few months I think.
        We are off up to Hartlepool tonight to stay with the inlaws, soa week of tlc will do me good.
        Look forward to catching up in the new year.
        Thanks again for being there.

        Pork Chops

          Aww Clare that’s sounds lovely πŸ™‚ always there n waiting for next catch up πŸ™‚ happy new year ladies n gents πŸ™‚ x


            Hi Clare. Lovely news. Hope you are feeling less sick. Another pregnancy is always anxious. Looking back my mist straightforward pregnancy & birth was with Evie but I couldn’t allow myself to enjoy it at the time. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra support & scans if you ever need reassurance.
            Max, x

          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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