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      Hi everyone
      As many of you know since Louie’s death I have been campaigning for birth certificates for stillborn babies and for coroners to investigate certain stillbirth deaths.
      Well I have finally set up a Facebook page with another mum whose son died due to medical negligence we have called it ‘campaign for safer births’. We are putting the finishing touches to it and then I will share it hopefully towards the end of this week.
      If it takes off we may set up a Facebook group and I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad) on ths page. Will let u know once its up and running.
      I’m a bit nervous as not done anything like this before.
      See you all soon.
      Michelle. X


      Well done Michelle, I’m sure it will be fine. Keep going.


      Hi huni

      We will be there to support you all the way, I think u are fantastic and very brave with ur tireless campaigning I am sure Louis is very proud of his mummy

      Becs xxxx

      Pork Chops

        We are so behind you always x


          100% support and congratulations to you huni. You have fought to make a difference and if anyone can make people sit up and listen its you. Be proud of yourself cause I know of a little boy who is very proud of his mummy xxxx


            Well done Michelle. You are an inspiration to us all. Louie certainly will be very proud of his Mummy. x


            Hi Michelle,

            Fabulous what you are doing, I will be fully there to support your Facebook page when all set up 🙂



              Hi Michelle,
              Well done for continuing your campaign. I would def join your Fb group and support you.
              Take care
              Anne-Marie x x x

              Eva’s mummy

                Welldone to you I would join your group also xx


                  Hi everyone
                  Thank you for your kinds responses and everyone who has liked the fb page. Nicky the other mum who im doing this with is also setting up a website for campaign for safe births so I willl let you know when this is ready.
                  We are trying to update the page as often as possible so please bear with us.
                  On a personal note Paul and I have to go to london next week for louies case as we have to be assessed on how his death has effected us. This is something all parents who are taking legal action against the nhs have to do and it angers me so much. I dont want to talk about my iner most feelings about louie, his death and how this has effected our lives so a psychiatrist can write a report on our mental state. I know I havent dealt with my feelings because of fighting for justice for louie for nearly 2 years and I am worried how this will effect me by making me talk when I dont feel ready to.
                  Hope to see you all soon.
                  Michelle. X


                  Oh Michelle

                  That does sound stressful having to talk to a complete stranger. to share your thoughts and feelings is hard enough without all these added complications my heart goes out to you, but I know you are a strong lady and with Paul by your side you will get through this day because you know you have to in order to get justice for Louie.

                  Be strong and remember we are here for you if you need us

                  Hugs xxx
                  Becs xx

                  Pork Chops

                    Hey Hun,
                    Yep I can completely understand how you are feeling as I only talk about Tyler’s death and my feelings about it when I want to, not because I have to. My only advice is to stay strong and be true full about every thing. Here if you wanna talk xxx


                      Thanks ladies, just want it over with now, once we have done this we can move onto the next phase of Louie’s case. Xxxx

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