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      Hi All

      After two weeks at home, I had a very frightening & dramatic time yesterday whilst at a friends house. Lost approx 2L of blood & very fast ambulance journey to NGH. Baby fine for now. Things have settled & I’ve had a blood transfusion. Staying in hospital now until baby is delivered, just a waiting game, may be an early delivery if I have more significant bleeding or may be in another 7/8 weeks. Thought I’d keep you informed.

      Max, x

      Eva’s mummy

        Oh no max sorry to hear this you are going through it arent you.
        Hope the baby stays put for a little longer but will be getting stronger all the time.
        SPending along time in hopsital thats not very nice but at least you will be in safe hands.
        Lots of rest for you.
        Big hug for you

        Rach xx

        Pork Chops

          My goodness!!!! Yes least you and baby are fine… Wow you could be in hospital quite a long time then! Well sounds like you need to be!
          How far gone are you now? Surely not too long left! Thinking of you…..keep us updated,
          Sarah x


            So scary Max. I know you are probably thinking about this little baby all the time to arrive safely but please look after yourself too.
            We are thinking of you and little one.
            B & S


              Max that is so worrying for you. Please let us know if we can help in any way at all. I’ll keep in touch by text xxxxx


              Hi Max,

              I thought I had worries when I was pregnant but my issues sound nothing compared to what you keep going through, lets hope baby stays put a little longer, how many weeks are you now????

              I can’t believe you are back in there again, but at least you know you are in the best place, even if the food is bad – don’t have the curled up ham sandwiches they were bad.

              If you get stuck for a visitor, I am always happy to come see you and thank you very much for the baby card. 😀

              Keep us posted.



                Oh Max you must have been so scared and worried really relieved to hear that things seem ok and i’ll have everything crossed that alls well. Keep us all updated and if your in for long let us know if you need anything bringing in, like food!!!

                Take care, will be thinking of you.

                Michelle. xx


                  Thanks ladies for your kind messages. I spent 2 nights on labour ward before moving to my new home on Robert Watson. They had me on total bed rest yesterday which was horrible. Had to be taken to the toilet by wheelchair & was not allowed a shower. Today I am at least clean!

                  We are buying time apparently. It’s too risky to allow me home, they want me here in case I bleed again and they have to deliver fast, but if I’m lucky we will get some more weeks for this little one to grow before he enters the world. There are 4 of us in the same room, all with placenta previa, all here until our babies are born. The food is pretty awful but on Robert Watson it’s an improvement on the offering on Labour Ward!

                  I’m really missing the children. They came in last night but Evie was so upset when she left, it was heartbreaking. I’ve told Geoff not to bring them everyday, as much as I want to see them it’s not fair on them.

                  Things calm for now but I know it can all change in an instant. Will keep in touch!

                  Max, x

                  Pork Chops

                    Hey max,
                    thanks for letting us know how you are doing 🙂
                    Yes in regards to the children it must be heart breaking but once baby has arrived they will have their mummy back 🙂
                    Aww the food must be pants! Least the other 3 ladies are going through a similar situation and you can relate and talk it through.
                    If your short of visitors next week I will come and see you and bring you choci’s and grapes :)…. That’s what every one gets from their visitors when they are in hospital 🙂
                    You just take care and keep that baby cooking a little longer :)…. Take care, thinking of you,
                    Sarah x


                    Oh no Max so sorry to hear of your traumatic few days, but I guess they have you in the right place to keep that little one safe a while longer until he is ready to join us even though it must be so hard not being with George n Evie in the meantime. As the others have said if you need anything just let me know I am at the hospital myself tomorrow and next week for routine bits so just give me a shout.
                    Here’s hoping that you have a less eventful time now and Mr A keeps a close eye in you both.

                    Take care and big hugs

                    Love Becs xxx


                      Thanks ladies.

                      Becs I met Mr Davis a couple of days ago, seemed very nice, he came to introduce himself in case I caused trouble during his on call! Mr Cooper looked after me when I arrived in the ambulance, also very nice. Unfortunately Mr Von Widekind also came for a chat. Geoff & I have not forgiven him for the way he dealt with us after Grace died & his bedside manner has not improved!!

                      Seems I am well known here now. One of the midwives on the ward told me she was on duty on labour ward when I came in on Sunday and that the paramedic was visibly shaken & had to be sat down with a cup of tea! Why can’t I do straightforward pregnancy? Well I did with Evie I guess which lulled me into this false sense of security that I could do it again. I just want this baby to be OK now but must admit if I’d known how this pregnancy was going to be, I would have stopped at 3.

                      Thanks for your kind offers to visit. The hours are a bit limiting so totally understand if you can’t. Only 1730-1930 and no children, other than my own. Geoff brings me food then sits here & eats it!!



                        Hey Max

                        I really feel for you, i was on Robert Watson ward when i was admitted about a month before Lulah was born and i do prefer that ward to Balmoral. There were some lovely Midwives on Robert Watson so hope they are looking after you.

                        I can totally relate to the food it’s pants and all i stuck to was Shepherds Pie and Sausage and mash!

                        I really hope the time goes quick and your little one is here safe and sound, keep us all updated and hopefully will see you soon.

                        Michelle. xxxx


                          You must have been on the week 3 menu then Michelle?! Haven’t tried the Shepherds Pie yet. Maybe I’ll treat myself tomorrow!!! Have to laugh, this is my 3rd admission and it’s always been on week 3 of the menu. Apparently it’s the best one so I’m dreading trying weeks 1 & 2!!

                          The staff on Robert Watson are lovely. I know many of them from being stuck in here for 5 weeks on & off when I was pregnant with George 5 years ago! There is an interesting blog on the Internet about a woman’s time on the ward when she was here long term with placenta previa.

                          Max, x

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