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    Hello Everyone!
    Havn’t posted on here for ages but today Lincoln & I attended my friends baby’s funeral. He was born too soon & only lived for 11 days.
    It was the first baby funeral we have been to since Grace’s in 2009. I really thought I’d prepared myself well for today but we both found it tougher than expected.
    It was a beautiful service & madam butterfly was there & did them proud. It has stirred up many mixed emotions in me & I just wanted to share that with you all, as I know you’ll all understand
    Take care
    Anne-Marie x x x

    Pork Chops

    Aww Anne-Marie,
    1stly I’m sorry of the loss of baby Oliver.
    I completely understand your feelings about attending another baby’s funeral as I also attended my cousins baby’s funeral and thought I’d be strong for her but ended up feeling so sorry for her as well as the memories I was remembering too. I know madam butterfly did an amazing job as always and hope you are feeling better for sharing,
    Night night baby Oliver…. Thinking of your family at this sad time x


    Bless you Anne-Marie

    I’m not sur i could be that brave but have been lucky enough not to have had any friends in the same position.

    I can only imagine how it makes you feel, hope you feel better soon

    Becs xxx


    Nice to hear from you on here Anne-Marie but I’m so sorry to hear about your friends baby. It must have been incredibly hard attending the funeral but what a wonderful friend you are to offer that support. You have had more than your fair share to deal with.
    I went to a Phoenix team meeting last week & one of the girls approached me as I was leaving & asked about my necklace (for those that don’t know I have a heart with Grace’s hand & footprint on), she then told me that she had lost a baby 3 weeks ago. It really caught me, I just wasn’t expecting her to tell me that and it stirred up some emotions. It took me back to the rawness & immense pain I felt when our Grace was taken from us.
    Take care Anne-Marie. Hope to see you soon.
    Max, xxx

    Eva’s mummy

    Hello Anne-marie
    Im sorry to hear of the loss of your friends baby must of been terribly hard for them and you.
    I also haven’t had to deal with going to another funeral of anyone so young so not sure how I would cope with that so I think you were very brave to have gone to support your friend.
    Hope you are ok.

    Rach xxx

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