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      Hi All

      Some of you know already, but I think it time to share the news that I am pregnant again with everyone. I know that some of you might find this difficult, I remember after losing Grace I found it impossible to be around friends who were pregnant & them see their new babies. It felt like everyone was expecting & I remember one week in particular when I had found out about 4 new pregnancies in a week, the final one, my sister in law had me breaking down & sobbing.

      I am very lucky to have gone on to have my beautiful Evie & we were undecided as to whether to have another, the thought of another pregnancy terrified us both, but decision made and we are very lucky to be expecting our 4th child in November. I am being well looked after again by the lovely Mr Aldrich & today start a regime of antibiotics & progesterone, as I did with Evie, to reduce the risk of infection and premature labour. I am anxious about the pregnancy, I think that’s only natural, but I am a bit less stressed than when I was pregnant with Evie.

      Max, x

      Eva’s mummy

        Glad your being well looked after again helps keep your mind at ease a little.

        How far are you?

        Goodluck with your pregnancy and we are here for you all the way

        Rach xx


          wow Max congratulations, I am really pleased for you, a November baby πŸ˜€
          I hope you can relax and enjoy this pregnancy a little more than with Evie, I will look forward to all your updates
          Jackie x

          Pork Chops

            Congratulations Max πŸ™‚
            Must have missed this post some how!!! Your feelings are surely only natural….but you must be reassured after a healthy pregnancy with Evie πŸ™‚
            Lovely age gap between this little nipper and Evie, they’ll be so close.
            Sarah x

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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