Hi Michelle

Sorry hear you are having a rough time n sorry you couldn’t make it for lunch last week we could have had a good old chat about symptoms etc as I too am 22 weeks now, but of course it is normal to get anxious I did with Lexi and chose to pay for a scan to reassure myself that all was ok I also asked for a scan everytime I had a consultant appt too so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want the reassurance is worth all the awkwardness you may feel in asking.
As for mood swings I am queen if them too poor Jim doesn’t know what to say for the best sometimes I swear I still get pmt even without the periods lol.
Try not to worry about work too much I know it is easier said than done but if it is too much take some time off and chill out this little one is very precious so take care of you both.
Have you had your anomaly scan yet and did you find out if its pink or blue?

Keep your chin up Hun and like Max said keep talking to us and if you fancy a catch up sometime just give me a shout.

Take care

Becs xxx