Re: Night Night Beautiful Samuel


    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to say thanks alot for your thoughts and prayers yesterday was one of the hardest days but it was very fitting and lovely way to say good bye to our gorgeous little boy that was born asleep at 21 weeks.

    A little about us is that we had our second cycle of IVF for little Sam which made it all the more cruel when he was taken from us as he had anencephaly which was picked up on our 20 week scan, this basically meant that his skull hadnt formed properly so he was not able to survive like this and so we were advised to stop the pregnancy as this was the kindest option for all involved. This was the hardest decision we have ever had to make but at least my little butterfly is flying free from pain now.

    I was sitting in my friends garden on weds and a butterfly came a sat with us for a while which I think was Sam just coming to check that I was ok, it did give me great comfort.

    Anne thanks so much you have been a great source of strength for us and it was nice to know that you were looking after Sam for us while he was in your care.

    Take care all and I am sure I will speak to you all again soon.

    Becky xx