Re: Hello Everyone


    Hi Laura

    A warm but sad welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your little girl Eva. I lost my second baby, and first daughter, Grace, at 24+1 weeks almost 3 years ago now so I may be able to relate to some of the shock & emotions you are experiencing. I suffered premature rupture of membranes & Grace was born just over a day later. We thought she would do well but she died aged just 10 hours, we later discovered as a result of Group B Strep infection.

    I remember feeling like my world had totally fallen apart when we lost Grace. Life carried on for friends & family as though nothing had happened and I watched as friends had babies & the pain was unbearable. Life gets better. The days do get easier
    & the tears flow less. You will never forget your beautiful daughter, she will never be far from your thoughts, but in time you will find a new normal.

    I have been very lucky to have another daughter, Evie who is now 15 months. I was well looked after during my pregnancy. I hope that in time you will feel ready to have a brother or sister for Eva too.

    Thinking of you & your family.

    Max, x
    Mummy to George age 4, Grace who died 25th June aged 10 hours & Evie age 15 months