Re: campaign


    Hi everyone
    Thank you for your kinds responses and everyone who has liked the fb page. Nicky the other mum who im doing this with is also setting up a website for campaign for safe births so I willl let you know when this is ready.
    We are trying to update the page as often as possible so please bear with us.
    On a personal note Paul and I have to go to london next week for louies case as we have to be assessed on how his death has effected us. This is something all parents who are taking legal action against the nhs have to do and it angers me so much. I dont want to talk about my iner most feelings about louie, his death and how this has effected our lives so a psychiatrist can write a report on our mental state. I know I havent dealt with my feelings because of fighting for justice for louie for nearly 2 years and I am worried how this will effect me by making me talk when I dont feel ready to.
    Hope to see you all soon.
    Michelle. X