Re: Baby Daisy Mae



Thank you to all for you kind meesages, I feel relieved and so happy I can’t express how much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Daisy is a good weight at 6lb5oz so the scan was about right as the week before they estimated 6lb, she looks tiny though, like a little bird. I think she is short like Gracie was but they don’t measure them anymore – some of the newborn clothes Mark went and bought for her are too big.

I definately found the following day after the c section harder this time, not sure if it is because it is my 3rd or if it is I am just getting on a bit! 😆

Anyway they advised me not to have anymore when I was in theatre, because my womb near my bladder is paper thin and it took ages to sew me up and also scar tissue from the previous sections. I think I am just not cut out for this pregnancy lark, or my body isn’t anyway and as I already know i am to posh for pushing – 😉

However my 3 girls (Gracie, Emmie and Daisy) are enough for me and although Emmie isn’t here I am sure she will be watching us and we will always love her.