November 2012


    Well having vowed not to read “Fifty Shades of Grey”, a couple of the girls in here had read it & passed it on. Surprisingly addictive reading & let’s face it, I’ll never have time to read a book once I get out of here! I finished that in a couple of days & have ordered more books on Amazon! Today’s activity has been voting on Phoenix’s January release & finally accepting the challenge to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw whilst I’m here. Made a good start!
    The plan Carla is to deliver at 36 weeks if it’s not necessary before. If I have a small bleed it will be managed, if it’s large then delivery will happen sooner. I’m almost certainly having a c-section now, hopefully elective rather than emergency. I’m 32+4 so have another 3+ weeks until delivery, and then providing the little chap is OK, we will have to stay another 5 days as he will have been born under 37 weeks. I’m very aware that it can all change in an instant. Two of the girls I met with placenta previa were booked for sections at 36 & 37 weeks, both had further bleeds resulting in delivery at 33+6 & 36+3 weeks. The first baby has been in special care for almost 2 weeks but it looks like he will be heading home tomorrow, which is great news.
    So, 19 nights done, possibly 29 more to go!!