Heading Towards the Christmas Period


Hi All

Christmas always brings a mixed bag of feelings for us just like the rest of you. What upsets me is how everyone thinks it is all ok now we have Lexi and our new little one on the way, when like u all we miss our little boy very much and always wonder what he would have looked like and reacted to all the excitement of Xmas.
This is my third Xmas without Sam so I must agree with Rachel it does get easier especially this year with Lexi knowing a bit more of what is going on so will be indulging in some new decorations that she can enjoy and a trip to Santa at Milton Keynes too but we will prob wait until a bit closer to Xmas to put our tree up as I foresee it being pulled down more than once by a little minx I know.

I will most definitely be taking some time out in Christmas morning to think of my gorgeous boy n remember him celebrating with all his butterfly family.

Take care all
Becs xxxx