Heading Towards the Christmas Period

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    Pork Chops

      Hey Ladies and Gents,

      Coming that time of year again, last year was so dreaded for myself and I know some of you but we some how got through it.
      This year for myself….I feel so different….I really want to enjoy Christmas, spoil the kids like crazy and really have a good sense of the family spirit that was completely lost last year! I know that nearer the time….I am going to struggle as I know you will too.
      Sometimes I feel so sad and empty about missing Tyler and having my 2 boys grow up together, especially at this time of year, but sometimes I count myself so lucky that I have Hayden and watch him grow every single day, after a good 1st report today I feel like a very lucky mummy 🙂 looking forward to parents evening on Tuesday (my 1st one).
      So me and Tim have bought lots of new decorations for our new home and we are putting them all up next friday….ready for advent to start on saturday 🙂

      I hope you are all well, look forward to reading your replies
      Sarah x


        I feel the same Sarah, last year was all a bit of a blur and I felt quite numb throughout it! I normally absolutely love Christmas and this year I can feel some of the sparkle again!
        Of course I will miss the girls and really wish they were here but we have just had their first birthday and I feel I can accept how it is knowing they are always in my heart x
        I too have bought some new decorations and am going for it on the 1st December. New year also represents the last few weeks before we get to meet our new addition!
        So overall, a positive Christmas this year xxxx


        Hi Sarah,

        I am looking forward to an enjoyable christmas this year and know it will be different to last year. I intend to go and buy a real tree 2 weeks today and again get Gracie to help me decorate it.

        I have bought a present already for Emmie’s grave. I have bought both Emmie and Daisy there names carved in wood, but Emmie’s will be made with a different wood and sealed so it can be put outside. It made me feel really happy to buy Emmie a present that was the same as Daisy because it made feel like she wasn’t missing out and being excluded 🙂


        Eva’s mummy

          Hello everyone, our first christmas wasnt a happy one either and as tyhe years go by it gets so much easier and also more enjoyable to. I though wont be putting up any decorations until about a week before as I dread doing it every year by myself as Liam and Alicia get older im sure they will help me then I will enjoy doing it.


          Rach xx


          Hi All

          Christmas always brings a mixed bag of feelings for us just like the rest of you. What upsets me is how everyone thinks it is all ok now we have Lexi and our new little one on the way, when like u all we miss our little boy very much and always wonder what he would have looked like and reacted to all the excitement of Xmas.
          This is my third Xmas without Sam so I must agree with Rachel it does get easier especially this year with Lexi knowing a bit more of what is going on so will be indulging in some new decorations that she can enjoy and a trip to Santa at Milton Keynes too but we will prob wait until a bit closer to Xmas to put our tree up as I foresee it being pulled down more than once by a little minx I know.

          I will most definitely be taking some time out in Christmas morning to think of my gorgeous boy n remember him celebrating with all his butterfly family.

          Take care all
          Becs xxxx


            Hi Everyone

            I too feel the same as you all, i miss Louie so much and Lulah sometimes looks so much like him, its nice but also really hard.

            We are putting docorations up this year as last year we didn’t and i’m going to try to enjoy it but it will never be the same for me.

            I know what you mean Becs about people thinking now you have gone on to have another child everything is ok. We had one of Paul’s family give us an Xmas present and on the tag she had written ” make this Christimas special (Lulah’s first Christmas)”. Why do people feel the need to tell you what you should be doing and as if i don’t know it’s her first Xmas! Ok, rant over.

            I will also be thinking of all the new Butterfly families and their first Christmas and how hard it will be but hoping they feel they have support to get through it the best they can.

            Sarah – Well done to Hayden for such a good report.

            And finally, Michelle, i can’t believe how quick your pregnancy has gone. I remember Sarah saying this to me and i’m sure it probably hasn’t gone quick for you. Would love to see you and bump.

            Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon.

            Michelle. xxxx


            It’s our first Christmas and am struggling with it all as everything is buzzing around us but I am just so sad inside. I just want it over with and 2013 to begin. I’m a teacher and know I won’t be able to cope with the nativity plays etc. all very hard but just have to wear a false smile. Reading your posts help so thank you so much – you’re a support without even knowing it. Wishing you and your butterflies love this Christmas Laura x


            I’m finding it very hard to be christmassy and excited. Last year was so full of excitement and hope, even tho I was relly poorly. Can’t bring myself to write any christmas cards. Have even volunteered to work christmas day! It’s hard to try to be positive, but I am trying very hard for Matthew’s sake. I’m sure it won’t be as bad as i anticipate.
            Thinking of all of you at this time.

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