The voting has now begun for The Butterfly Awards 2014.

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We were so glad, and honoured, to be nominated for The Butterfly Awards this year in the UK Support Group category. We have never looked for nominations for awards, we are quite humble really, but nevertheless we are truly grateful and are getting fully behind this campaign to raise awareness of what we do.

Increased exposure for the charity will mean that more families will get to know about us and be able to find us in their hour of need, and we can continue to ease the burden of those recently bereaved. The Community is getting quite a following, just demonstrating how important support, assistance and guidance can be in distressing times.

Help us to build more awareness, by spreading the word, and by voting for us at the Butterfly Awards 2014. With just that one simple, small step, you may just be helping us to reach out to one more family that needs our help.

Please help – CLICK HERE to vote for us at The Butterfly Awards 2014