The Support Network

The Need For an Extended Support Network For Families


Whilst in hospital families will be supported by midwives, nurses and doctors. Sooner or later families will find themselves outside of that support network, facing the potentially daunting task of arranging a funeral for their child, with all the emotional and financial distress that may come with that. The dream for “Butterflies” was to extend that support network, to give families the support and guidance that may be otherwise lacking for them, to enable families to gain support from others who have been through similar experiences – to help those who may feel isolated and misunderstood.

The funeral is just the start of the process, and that is the strength of Butterflies. We are in regular contact with families who we have helped in the past, we have held events where families can gather and share experiences and make contact with people in similar situations. Funeral Directors can help by finding you bereavement counseling or assistance with the practicalities, but we hope that the Butterflies community will provide you with more ongoing support and care for as long as you need it…


…  you are not alone.

The Butterfly Community

Our Butterfly Community is a place to seek advice and in return offer support to others in very similar situations. On this site you will find our private Forums, an organised place to start discussions and respond to others, sharing advice and talking through emotions and feelings.

We also have our private Facebook Group called The Butterfly Gathering where you can discuss these matters in more familiar surroundings.