Supporters for Children Are Butterflies are reaching for the top!

We are truly blessed with the support we receive, and we are continually impressed with the feats of endurance and “daring do” that our supporters undertake to raise funds to help continue our support to bereaved families.

Chris Blundred is just one of those intrepid few.

Chris has just completed an epic climb for us. An attempt on the summit of Mont Blanc in the Swiss Alps, the highest point in Europe!

Mont Blanc, June 2015

We shall leave Chris to describe the climb itself to you, his personal disappointment in not reaching the summit itself is clear, but we are just truly grateful that he undertook this on our behalf and will be returning safe and sound to his family.

From Chris himself:

“We have just returned to our hotel in Chamonix after 2 days and nights in the mountains. Such a welcome relief!

Unfortunately despite our dreaded 2am wake up for the summit attempt this morning we where unable to reach the top. Mont Blanc stands at 4810metres, last night we camped at 3187 meters with the summit in site, however this morning the weather and altitude sickness was against us. Despite this we continued to push for the summit, professional mountain guides where turning back and advising we do the same (we continued) We got to 4000metres and strong winds, snow storms halted us in our steps, we turned back and headed down the mountain.

We witnessed snow bridges collapse in front of us exposing deep crevasses, dived out the way of huge rocks falling. Despite this I love the thrill of adventure and we will return to summit Mont Blanc soon!

I have attached 2x photos these where both taken on Saturday evening (perfect climbing conditions) they are both at 3500meters with Mont Blanc summit to the rear up a steep cliff face.”

We are truly grateful to Chris, as we are to all our adventurous supporters. With their enthusiastic, energetic (and sometimes exhausting) support we can continue to support families facing one of the most difficult and traumatic tasks – preparing for the funeral of a child.

We see Chris’s achievement as an absolute success, but he does finish with a promise to us …

“I will be sure to let you know the dates of our next trip out here, I am determined to fly the flag at the highest point in Europe!!”

We will look forward to that!!

With grateful thanks to John Anderson of Inspired Design & Print Solutions for the rapid supply and kind donation of our “Expedition Flag”.