Rust Bucket Rally 2019

4 days, 3 nights, 9 countries, 2500 miles

Where Are They Now?

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Rally Start

The rally starts at Rally Headquarters

7th June 2019 3am

Baldry’s Airport Transfers
99 Sanders Road

6am, 7th June, Dover

7.45am, 7th June, P&O Ferry


8am, 7th June, France

11am, 7th June, Arc de Triomphe

11.15am, 7th June, Eiffel Tower

7pm, 7th June, Aix Les Bains - OVERNIGHT

11am, 8th June, Col de Vars

2.45pm, 8th June, Gorge di Cians

3pm, 8th June, Monaco

6pm, 8th June, Genoa - OVERNIGHT

10.30, 9th June Gotthard Pass

11am, 9th June, Lake Como

4pm, 9th June, Lake Constanz Ferry

5pm, 9th June, V8 Hotel Motorworld - OVERNIGHT

11am, 10th June, Dunkirk


Rust Bucket Rally 2019

Like all “good ideas” it started in the pub, a bit of banter over a pint. But where most “good ideas” from the pub rarely make it beyond closing time, this “good idea” became a great idea and came to fruition … this year for the 4th time!

A rally, distancing 2500 miles, over 4 days and 3 nights, where the entries can spend a maximum of £500 on the car. All in the cause of one nominated charity, which this year 2019, is Children Are Butterflies. We could not be any happier that they chose us.

As you know we have very few overheads, no salaries, so almost all of your donations will end up helping families when they need it most, so we value every single penny that is donated to us. But demand for our funeral grants is growing as knowledge of the charity spreads and this means that we do rely on some truly heroic fundraising efforts to “keep the coffers full”. And the Rust Bucket Rally has been a truly heroic effort – at the time of publishing the total stands at nearly £35,000!

ITV News Anglia, 25th May 2019

We met up with Carl Baldry the organiser and a third of the entries on a sunny saturday morning on 25th May, 2 weeks before they set off on their adventure. The Rally was being featured on ITV News Anglia and the cars had to be spotless and ready for their moment of fame. It was great to meet with the organiser Carl and hear his story, greet some of the teams and their vehicles, and to see the excitement they all share as time draws near.

We wish all of the “Rust Bucketeers” bon voyage for the 7th June and can’t wait to see their safe return on the 10th June.

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Day 1

7th June 2019
Wellingborough to Aix Les Bains, via Paris

Day 2

8th June 2019
Aix Les Bains to Genoa, via Monaco

Day 3

9th June 2019
Genoa to Stuttgart

Day 4

9th June 2019
Stuttgart to Finish at Isham Cricket Club, via Calais

KarPool Karaoke

The Finish Line


Children Are Butterflies were at Isham Cricket Club to welcome home the Rust Bucketeers after their epic adventure, and help to celebrate their more than epic fundraising effort. As its stands as I write this the fund is nearly at £60,000. To put that into perspective, bear in mind that we distributed £75,000 worth of grants in the whole of 2017, which we hope demonstrates how important this event was to us.


Thank you so much Rust Bucketeers!!