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  • in reply to: Safe arrival of Joseph bird #2518

    Congrats Claire and family on the safe arrival of Joseph hope to meet him soon xxx

    in reply to: Ooooow liking the new tapatalk #2512

    All done just hadnt updated – now just got to get used to changes lol x

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    I’m here still on the old version how do I update???

    in reply to: Baby Oliver #2498

    Bless you Anne-Marie

    I’m not sur i could be that brave but have been lucky enough not to have had any friends in the same position.

    I can only imagine how it makes you feel, hope you feel better soon

    Becs xxx

    in reply to: August meeting #2490

    We are away on that day too 🙁 x

    in reply to: media #2487

    Bless u Michelle that’s awful after all your tireless work to raise awareness too.
    Big hugs to you all and always here if you need us

    Becs xxx

    in reply to: Hello …… #2462

    Hi all

    We are all looking forward to the release this year as we were away last year so missed it 🙁

    Ann would it be possible to bring Lexi in to see the butterflies sometime? Just say no if you think that’s best it was just a thought.

    I will prob need some directions as to where to go as not been there before.


    Becs xxx

    in reply to: Running for Jasmine #2455

    Hi Jasmines Dad

    I also took to training to get me through my toughest times and found it very therapeutic it allowed me to focus on doing something in memory of my little man who we lost 3 years ago now. Although my run was only a 10km
    my proudest moment was when someone asked me who Sam was and I was able to say ‘my son’
    I look forward to reading your blog and catching up with your story.

    The first post in here is always the toughest but the support I have received here has been invaluable.

    Becky – Sams mummy

    in reply to: Weds 1 May – remembering in thoughts day #2453

    So sorry to hear you have been having a tough time Max and you didn’t hijack you just extended the remembering that’s all 🙂
    Keep you chin up sweet and hope to see you soon xx

    in reply to: Weds 1 May – remembering in thoughts day #2450

    Omg is it the butterfly release again already my how the time flys I can’t wait to bring Lexi and Dani to it this year as sure Lexi will love it as she is fascinated by her boolala’s (butterfly’s to you and me)
    Thanx ladies for your kind words and look forwards to seeing you all again soon. Xxx

    in reply to: Weds 1 May – remembering in thoughts day #2447

    Thanks for thinking of Sam Sarah, we didnt do anything special just kept busy sorting Lexi’s big girls bed and the garden out for the summer but the butterflies were with us and I knew he was there too.


    in reply to: Meeting in may??? #2429

    Hi all

    Sorry I haven’t been chatting but don’t often get the time at the moment 😉 I know I have a couple of patients to see that day but I am not sure what time so will do my best to pop along with Dani as Lexi will be at nursery.
    Looking forward to seeing you all too.
    Becs xxx

    in reply to: Remembering my boy xxx #2443

    Thanks Ann

    You always find the right words and I think you are right he would have def been a cheeky chappie x

    I guess it is just having Dani has brought it all back, watching her grow so quickly and the fact she has a very different temperament to Lexi so the comparisons start and then extend to him too, that and it will be our 3rd Anniversary this weds which would make today the anniversary of us finding out about his problems.

    Thanx for ‘listening’ it really does help just to vent sometimes.

    Becs xxx

    in reply to: campaign #2346

    Oh Michelle

    That does sound stressful having to talk to a complete stranger. to share your thoughts and feelings is hard enough without all these added complications my heart goes out to you, but I know you are a strong lady and with Paul by your side you will get through this day because you know you have to in order to get justice for Louie.

    Be strong and remember we are here for you if you need us

    Hugs xxx
    Becs xx

    in reply to: Inconsiderate??? Or me just taking things to heart??? #2414

    Hey Sarah

    I can understand how you feel and think I would react just the same, can you talk to your friend about how what she has done has made you feel as in my experience if you don’t voice these things they will just stew and get bigger and then may affect your friendship.

    In the meantime I have been thinking of you a lot and can’t begin to think how you feel counting down the days, just be kind to yourself and do what you need to do to get through. Give me a call if you want to catch up sometime before we get round to organising another date for a get together.

    Hugs to you huni
    Becs xxx

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