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    Can’t believe I nearly missed this one! It will be sooo difficult to drag myself away from housework, washing, decorating etc! I know Reggie would much rather find any more hidden pots of sudocream, vaseline, anything else greasy and smear it EVERYWHERE 😆 Looks like we’re going to have another lovely day. Where will you all be meeting? By the swings or by the cafe?

    Can’t wait to see you. Need some hugs.

    Love Jo x

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    Thank you all for such a lovely day. I’m afraid we lost most of you shortly after arriving as Reggie managed to throw up all over herself and my Mum! We had an amazing day. I was so touched by the kindness shown to us and our families. My silver lining to Michael not being able to come was my darling Mummy stepped in to look after Amelie while I took Neve on the bigger rides. A lovely, lovely day – really lifted my mood.

    I thought of those of you who could not be there, I’m sorry you missed it. Hope the sun was shining on you aswell my friends x

    Love Jo x

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    PS. Just read Fiona’s comment. That’s brilliant, 32 years of waiting! I can imagine you at the front of all the queues well before the little ones, hehe.

    See you Sat xxxxx

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    We are so excited! I managed to keep it a secret until a couple of days ago. I didn’t think Reggie would understand but Neve searched for it on the internet to show her (much better with technology than me!) They keep singing about it now, I’ll have to ask them to teach you on the coach, hehe.

    It’s such a lovely treat. Really looking forward to seeing you for a day of giggles.

    Lots of love xxxxx

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    Oh Becs,

    That sounds lovely. And I’m so pleased to hear all went well with the scan.
    There’s nothing quite like seeing your little one on the screen, it all becomes a bit more real. How exciting x

    I am really appreciating the reassuring presence of butterflies around me at this time – especially a beautiful little blue one that keeps appearing in my garden x

    Lots of love xxxxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)