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    Hi All,

    For those of you that have seen me you will know that I have been fairly chilled about being pregnant again, or that was the case until yesterday! πŸ™

    We went for our 32 week growth scan and normally I don’t worry, but the sonographer put me on edge by asking me all sorts of questions like do we know why Emmie died, did I have an appt straight after with the consultant, what weight had my previous babies been – I didn’t know whether this was just her way or should I be worried ❓

    Anyway following we went to see the consultant and baby was on the 40th centile (on the graph) at 28 weeks but has now dropped down to the 10th centile, which looks a massive drop on the graph. I then had to have another scan because they hadn’t checked the blood flow etc…

    So after speaking to the consultant, my appts have now gone from 4 weeks to every week, with me now going back next week for a repeat blood flow check and another scan in 2 weeks to check growth.

    If baby continues to not grow as she should they may decide worse case to deliver early if they think she will grow better in the outside world or monitor and take each week as it comes.

    So I sm hoping in the next 2 weeks that she will pick up and this is just a one off – or maybe the sonographer was way out – should I be worrying???? Trying not to.

    Mark has done the worrying for us throughout this pregnancy and I feel like the past 24 hours I have had to try and make out not to worry as everything will be fine.

    Has anyone else had growth issues before????

    Know I have babbled! Carla xx


      Hi Carla,
      Sorry to hear about little one’s growth. It is good that they will looking after you and checking little one more often.
      When i was pregnant with Sam there was some type of problem with growth. So this time when i was pregnant they were regularly checking blood flow to placenta ( i was also on baby aspirin) plus they were checking if there was enough of liquid ( when Sam born there wasn’t any water )
      So try not to worry and let them looking after you ( easy to say …. I know)
      Keep us inform please

      Pork Chops

        Hey Carla,

        I’m sorry to hear you are worried bout baby’s growth, and by the sounds of it.. so are the professionals, i’m glad they are going to monitor you weekly to make sure they do the best for you and baby, even if it is to deliver early.

        You are doing really well and it won’t be long till baby is here with you… always here to hear you babble πŸ™‚
        Sarah x


        Hi Carla

        So sorry to hear that you have cause for concerns but as the others have said they are probably just erring on the caution side knowing your history and best you are over checked than under checked I guess. but I can imagine just how much this would give you cause to worry.
        In my experience with one of the sonographers she really didn’t know how to speak to a nervous pregnant mum and gave no explanation or reassurance for her actions on 2 occasions once with Sam and once with Lexi I really thought that she needed some training as was very abrupt in her manner do maybe it is the same one. Also in my experience the nhs find it difficult to react appropriately to circumstances that are out of the norm and therefore end up panicking you as a consequence of there lack of experience or training on how to handle more complex situations such as ours.

        I will keep everything crossed for you that you will have some positive news after your next scan, in the meantime we are all here for you.

        Take care huni

        Love Becs xxx


          Hi Carla

          I was sitting eating my breakfast this morning & thinking of you as I haven’t seen you for ages & I was wondering how you are. Then I logged on to read this.

          I am so sorry that you now have this anxiety towards the end of your pregnancy. I don’t really have any advice to offer about growth as I haven’t had this experience, but as the others have said, they are keeping an extra close eye on you & that’s a good thing. I feel confident that the best thing will be done for you & your baby. I can’t take away the worry sadly, you won’t stop worrying now until your baby is here safely, but not long to go now. Fingers crossed all will be fine with your next scan.

          Please do keep us informed. We are all here to support you.

          Max, xx


            Hi Carla,
            sorry to hear of your worries, I would be the same, but take up all the offers of scans and appointments you can, and get more if you feel it will reasure you, you don’t ask you don’t get (I think Ann said this to me when I was pregnant)
            I used to get worked up before an appointment then be reasured and the day after I would start worrying all over again cause it would be a few weeks before the next one.
            I had all my growth scans with my consultant and trusted him, I think if you get someone different each time people work differently
            I am sure all will be back on track by your next scan,
            Look forward to your updates
            Jackie x


            Hi All,

            Thank you for your support and replies, feeling a bit more happier today as I have been back and saw my proper consultant instead of a registrar πŸ™‚

            Just to give you an update on the progress.

            He checked the blood flow, liquer and also rechecked and re-plotted babies growth on the chart. She is still on the 10th centile so the scan last week was correct, however she has grown since last week and remains on the line and everything else looks good so he is happy with the results.

            So next week i have to go have blood pressure etc… checked and then the following week back for another growth scan. Mr Cooper did say today that we need to make a decision of a last date for a c section and he has said no later than 38 weeks now, where previously it was 39 weeks. That means only 5 weeks left tomorrow, hopefully it will fly by.



            Hi Carla

            Glad ur feeling a bit better about things it is much better when you get to see the consultant who knows you πŸ™‚

            Well hope your enjoying the sunshine n peace while you still can 5 weeks will soon be here

            Becs xxx


              Hi Carla

              Thanks for updating us. Have been thinking about you. Pleased to hear that Mr Cooper is happy with progress. Hope you are feeling reassured. I see Mr Aldrich every 3 weeks at the moment & I worry in-between appointments. I was OK until I got to 20 weeks, now I’m 23, I need to get beyond 24+1, that was when Grace was born. Every week is a bonus for me after then.

              Not long to go now Carla. Stay positive. You are in safe hands.

              Max, x

              Pork Chops

                Aww that is much better news πŸ™‚ glad they taking care of you!!! 5 weeks wow, this too has gone so quickly….I remember the smiley face message πŸ™‚

                Yeah enjoy the sun lovely, and keep us posted xxx


                  Hey Carla

                  Im sorry to hear you have had the extra worry but pleased you are being looked after and they are monitoring you closely. Take all the appointments you can and if you want more reasurrance then ask for it.

                  I ended up having monitoring sessions 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy and found the end tough. I also found the first week after Lulah was born hard as it brought up many emotions that i had pushed down that came to the surface.

                  I hope the 5 weeks go quick for you and i look forward to meeting your new arrival.

                  See you soon.

                  Michelle. xxxx

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