What a lovely day :)

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    Hi all

    I just wanted to share a moment I had yesterday in the garden.

    I was a little nervous as had a hospital appt for scan (I think most of you know we have been blessed with another IVF miracle) I haven’t let myself dwell on this pregnancy at all and have been fairly laid back and philosophical about things as we have Lexi and if it worked this time then we were extra lucky but still approaching this 12 week scan and having to go back to the u/s dept reminded me of hearing the bad news about Sam.
    Anyway I was hanging the washing out before we left to go to the hospital and the most beautiful butterfly came and sat with me for a while and it was lovely as I always feel close to Sam when I see a butterfly and am lucky to have had loads in the garden this year but this one was particularly beautiful and brought a calm feeling to me.

    Well the scan went fine and our little wriggler is looking perfect with no sign of Sams problems 😉 in fact the sonographer got us some lovely pics too so all together a perfect day.

    I hope everyone else is ok and enjoying the weather n looking forward to seeing you all on Sat 😉

    Love Becs xxxx


    Oh Becs,

    That sounds lovely. And I’m so pleased to hear all went well with the scan.
    There’s nothing quite like seeing your little one on the screen, it all becomes a bit more real. How exciting x

    I am really appreciating the reassuring presence of butterflies around me at this time – especially a beautiful little blue one that keeps appearing in my garden x

    Lots of love xxxxx

    Pork Chops

      Thats lovely Becs, Glad your scan went well 🙂 I can Imagine that your feelings will be all over the place at scan times, so glad you are reassured and got some lovely pic’s 🙂
      See you tomorrow on another beautiful day 🙂
      Sarah x


        Oh I love when I am bit sad, worry etc and then I see butterfly…. It just makes you feel that Our little ones are looking after us. I’m sure it was Sam’s message “don’t worry mummy and be happy like I’m “
        Hope you are taking photos of beanie with you tomorrow.
        Looking forward to see you all again


        Hi Becs,

        I am so pleased to hear that everything went okay and the new addition is perfect.

        I was out in the garden earlier and saw a butterfly which made me think of Emmie and made me smile.

        Take care, see you soon.
        Carla 😀

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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