Weds 1 May – remembering in thoughts day

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    Hi all

    A belated thoughts day to you all, I just wanted to remember my little man on this thoughts day as it is 3 years since he gained his wings.
    I miss him everyday but wanted to focus on the fact that time is a great healer and reassure those new butterfly families that are still struggling with their grief that it does ease somewhat and you learn to live with the ache and the questions rather than fall apart at any given time.

    So happy thoughts day to you all and may this lovely weather last as it is always easier to smile in the sun.

    Take care

    Becs xxx

    Pork Chops

      Happy thoughts day to you 2 Becs 🙂 yes I agree with everything you have said above! You just word things much better 🙂
      I hope Wednesday was nice for you as you remembered Sam…. Was thinking of you 🙂
      Yeah I love the sun! Please stay x


      Thanks for thinking of Sam Sarah, we didnt do anything special just kept busy sorting Lexi’s big girls bed and the garden out for the summer but the butterflies were with us and I knew he was there too.



        Aw Becs, hope you had a peaceful day with lots of loving thoughts for your little boy!!
        It certainly never goes away but it’s very different feelings as time goes on! I talk to Joshua about our angels all the time and am already thinking about what to do on their birthday xx
        Hope your girls are both well and enjoying the sunshine!!
        M xx


          Wonderful words and friendship ladies.
          Just looking into organising the Butterfly Release. I’m looking forward to hand rearing some very special butterflies. A perfect day to reflect, remember and feel the warmth and love of friendship.
          Becs I’m glad your day was full of peace and I know Sam would have been by your side .

          Love and butterfly kisses to you all xxxxx


          Omg is it the butterfly release again already my how the time flys I can’t wait to bring Lexi and Dani to it this year as sure Lexi will love it as she is fascinated by her boolala’s (butterfly’s to you and me)
          Thanx ladies for your kind words and look forwards to seeing you all again soon. Xxx

          Pork Chops

            That’s good Becs, lexi is growing far too quickly!!!! I’m still to meet Danielle is it??? 🙂 Hayden starts school September :/
            Ann I can’t wait, it’s so amazing how we all come together in memory of our babies…. N we all appreciate the effort you go to in organising it 🙂
            Lots of love x



              Becs, I was thinking about you & little Sam. Time is a great healer but we will always miss them & wonder what they would have been like.

              I’ve had an emotional few weeks. My Nana died, aged 92 so I guess it was her time, but I’m really sad I didn’t introduce Freddie to her. Life has been so busy & I just didn’t manage it, rubbish. My Dad tells me not to reproach myself, it’s been a crazy time for us, but I can’t help feeling regret. Anyway, the funeral was on Tuesday in Essex. It was a lovely service, I cried lots & it brought back emotions of Grace too. Hope my Nana can look after her now.

              Sadly Geoff went to another funeral on Wednesday, a work colleague who I’d met a couple of times, very brave lady, tragically died after a long battle with illness at the age of 38. Younger than me. 300 people attended her funeral. Geoff was quite shocked by her death, “I didn’t think she would die” is what he said. And to top off an emotional week, today have heard 2 friends have lost their Mum this week, so very sad.

              Sorry to hijack your thoughts day post Becs. It’s just been a really sad week. Remembering your little Sam, “Marge” my Nana, Keri, and thinking of my friends grieving at this time.

              Max, xx


              So sorry to hear you have been having a tough time Max and you didn’t hijack you just extended the remembering that’s all 🙂
              Keep you chin up sweet and hope to see you soon xx

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