Wednesday thoughts day – how lucky I am!

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    Hi ladies,

    As it is a Wednesday and I am up at ridiculous o’clock feeding Daisy, I thought I would get in there first and post a thoughts day message.

    Mine is how lucky I feel that Daisy is now here safely and I can now enjoy every moment I have with my hubbie and 2 girls that are here.

    It will be a year on Monday (15th October) that we lost Emmie, I can’t believe where it has gone and I do feel very guilty at times for loving Daisy as much as I do and not ever had the chance to show Emmie the same affection, although I am sure she will be smiling down at her new sister and not want me to feel bad.

    Also I appreciate that Gracie has now had the chance to have one of her sisters here to love and play with as she has gone the long and same path we have.

    It made me smile lastnight when I went to parents evening and Gracie had drawn a picture of her family and when I asked who was who as it was drawn before baby arrived and she said mummy, daddy, Gracie and Emmie, so it gives me comfort that even she has not forgotten her little sister.



      Anne, you astound me.
      I feel totally blessed that I have been able to support you through your dreadful treatment. Watching my friend become so poorly is the worst thing ever but on the flip side I have never met anyone who has stayed positive, remained herself and to have such courage and dignity.i know the path is still a long one but if you can get through chemo you can get through anything.
      Here’s to many more giggles, love and friendship!!
      I am very very proud of you!
      Love always me xxxxxx

      Pork Chops

        4.37 Carla, I was snoozing lol!
        Happy thoughts day,
        I’m glad your happy little one is here and yes that’s absolutely lovely that Gracie has a little sister here to grow up with 🙂 and she is just perfect 🙂

        I’ve just got back from my 1st run in 12 days and it was painful lol I feel great now though and come January need to be training hard if I’m ever going to beat my last time I set in the Silverstone half Marathon. We currently have 6 recruits for team Tyler, so hoping to raise allot of money for “children are butterflies” again 🙂
        For those of you who are new to the group, I lost Tyler 26th May 2011 and this is how I keep my baby boys memory alive, crossing that line this year was the most amazing feeling I had since giving birth to him and that’s why I chose to do it again 🙂
        Sending lots of love,
        Sarah x


          Hi Carla

          I do understand what you mean about feeling guilty. I remember feeding Evie often in the early hours & crying as I thought about the fact that I hadn’t been able to do that for Grace. I think it’s a natural feeling to have but I’m sure you also take much comfort in having Daisy & your family feeling more complete. I know that having Evie really helped me with my grief & although you will never forget Emmie, Daisy will hopefully make life more bearable.

          At the moment I feel as though I still have a lifetime in NGH. I have been moved to a single room today which was really kind of the midwives. They were initially reluctant to have me out of their sight as I’m deemed high risk, but one really lovely midwife here is determined to make things better for long term patients & after chatting to my consultant it was agreed. Funny, if I’d asked for the room they would want to charge me £70/night! Imagine the total bill for my stay. Lovely as it is to be away from the closed curtains & snoring, I would not pay for the privilege!

          Max, xx


          Hi Carla

          Like the others I too can relate to these feelings as I did feel v guilty for a while that I was so happy with Lexi but I just thought Sam wouldn’t want me to be sad and he was looking after us in his own way.
          Sarah when I ran the Run 10 for Sam it was a mile stone for me and I will always remember one of the other runners asking me who Sam was (as I had his name on my tshirt) and I proudly replied my son!!!!
          Max I am glad you have been given your own room it must be nicer being able to have a bit of space and room to see George and Evie.

          Well happy thoughts day for this week to all

          Becs xxx

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