Wednesday 25th July 2012

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    Pork Chops

      Happy Sunny thoughts day to all 🙂

      Doesn’t the Sunny weather leave every one so happy, it tends to lift every ones moods 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀
      Monday night we went and sorted Tylers area at the cemetry out and just sat there with him for ages. We havent really had a chance to do that this year 🙁
      Another thing that pleased me yesterday as well as my tan was seeing a beautiful butterfly in my garden 😀

      Very Excited for lego land and hoping the weather stays like this for it…… are you all taking cool boxes with picnic or buying food there???
      Sarah x


        Hi Sarah,

        Thank you for opening Thoughts Day and for keeping this site running 😆 😆 You keep everyone in good spirits and are always chatting and encouraging people to join in. 😯 😯

        I’m glad you feel happy with Tyler’s area and I bet it was lovely, even though very sad to spend some time with him 🙁

        I will pass on the tan 😕 be careful – there is no such thing as a healthy tan so make sure you put lots of cream on 😳 but I’m really glad a beautiful butterfly came to visit you, I’m certain that was Tyler saying ‘Hi’

        I am excited about Legoland too, it hasn’t been easy to organise and a couple of members have helped me with numbers as I was dreading the call to the tour company saying we didn’t have enough people, I would of hated to look ungrateful! 😮
        I’m sure we will have a lovely day and I hope the sun shines.

        Well it’s my last week of being in my 30’s 😳 😳
        I am hoping the weather is going to change and be kind to me as it is forecast rain on Sunday …… TYPICAL 🙄 🙄

        Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday – REMEMBER you are all invited and its at my parents house at 2.00pm – fingers crossed Anne-Marie will be there as it will be outside in the fresh air (and rain) – again like the butterfly release she won’t be able to hug and kiss people unless she says otherwise as she has to protect herself from any germs or infection( not that I am suggesting for one minute that any of you have germs)

        Finally, I’d like to wish Michelle all the luck in the world for the end of the week and I can’t wait to her her’s and Paul’s fantastic news.

        Happy thoughts day

        Love MB XXXXXX



          The weather is just amazing, only problem is my office at work is like a sauna and I can hardly breathe….roll on 4pm!!!! 😎

          I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your little man Sarah. It’s funny you know, Ross and I saw 2 little butterflies playing and fluttering around when we walked the dog last week, it did make me smile 😀

          Hope you enjoy your last week in 30dom Anne 😆 I’m not sure if we will be able to make Sunday as we have another engagement, however if it is possible for us to pop in we most definitely will!!

          I too wish Michelle and Paul all the very best for Friday. I will be thinking of them both and looking forward to hearing the good news.

          Enjoy the sunshine 😛

          Michelle xxx


            😎 Happy Sunny Thoughts Day Everyone 😎

            Good to hear you are enjoying the sunshine Sarah. Glad you managed to spend some time at Tyler’s garden, I havnt been to Grace’s for ages and it does make me feel guilty 😥 . Ive had a rough week after my second dose of chemo but i’m slowly coming out of the haze and getting stronger.

            All the best to Michelle and Paul, looking forward to hearing your exciting news.

            I also had a smile to myself earlier as there was a beautiful butterfly fluttering along side Lucy and Alice while they were bouncing on the trampoline!!

            We are most certainly planning to be at your 40th Ann 😀 . I hope you are ready for all the old git jokes?!! 😉 . I’d just like to pre warn everyone that I am now bald and slowly coming to terms with it 😯 . I’m still the same old me apart from the fact that i’m probably a bit cooler than all of you today 😆 .

            Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend
            Take care
            Anne-Marie x


              Hey everyone

              Happy thoughts day!

              Thank you for all your good luck messages, i can’t think to much about Friday as i get panicky. In my true style i have left everything to the last minute so think tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

              I hope you all have a lovely time at Legoland and that Ann enjoys her party and the weather holds out.

              Anne-Marie i think you are amazing and i’m sure you still look lovely, your just so brave.

              Thank you to Sarah for organising another lovely lunch and sorry i missed some of you.

              Enjoy the weather.

              Michelle. xx

              Pork Chops

                I love logging on to lots of posts and seeing how everyone is getting on 🙂

                Ann I hope you have an amazing party for your 40th, I’m sorry i couldn’t take you up on the invite as work wouldn’t let me have it….booo!!!!

                Anne-Marie I keep repeating myself but your one amazingly brave lady…. and you know what…it doesnt matter, just get better 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough week…. but hopefully not much longer and you’ll look back and say you got through it 🙂

                Michelle….”Tomorrow, Tomorrow..i love ya Tomoorow…your only a day away” 😆

                Another stroll and picnic for Me and Hayden today 🙂 x


                  Hi All

                  Pleased to hear people are enjoying the sunshine. It’s good to get the children outside finally. Poor Evie has been under the weather again this week. Hand, Foot & Mouth this time. Nasty because she refused to eat or drink because her mouth was so sore. Not good in the hot weather especially. She is much better today so we hope to be at the birthday bash on Sunday. Just want to ensure we are coming virus free, especially with the guest of honour Anne-Marie hoping to attend!

                  Sorry you have had another bad week Anne-Marie. It’s a learning experience for me. I didn’t realise you would lose your hair so quickly. It was only a couple if weeks ago we saw you at the butterfly release. As Sarah said, you are a very brave lady. Your courage is remarkable. The end is in sight and yet again you will emerge a stronger person. Hope you are managing to enjoy some time with your girls now the holidays are here.

                  I’m slowing down a bit at 21 weeks pregnant. Had my anomaly scan last week and all appears fine but I’m feeling anxious now as I approach 24 weeks, the stage we lost our beautiful Grace. I’ve been fairly relaxed until now & I’m hoping I can get past 24 weeks, then every week is a bonus.

                  Thinking of you Michelle & looking forward to your happy news tomorrow. I can understand how nervous you must be feeling. Only natural but soon she will be here & a new set of worries can begin! I trust that the lovely Mr A is looking after you tomorrow? You are in good hands.

                  Max, x

                  Eva’s mummy

                    Happy thoughts day for yesterday not sure why I missed this sorry.

                    Welldone Sarah for opening it.
                    Anne-Marie looking forward to catching up with you and your lovely family on sunday, glad your starting to feel a little better.
                    Ann Looking forward to your party on sunday cant beleive your turning 40!!!! i thought me turning 30 was awful 😆 but you certanly dont look 40 😀
                    Max Hope your ok and Evie is better.
                    Goodluck Michelle for tomorrow.

                    Looking forward to lego land also I hope the weather will be kind to us.

                    Rach xxxxxxx

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