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    Hi All,

    Can’t believe how many of us girls their are having pregnancy issues at the moment, Surely it is time for us to have a bit of good luck during our pregnancies and no worries?! Or you would have thought so.

    Thought I would update you as we have been to see the consultant again this morning and will be 36 weeks tomorrow.

    Mr Cooper scanned me again today to check blood flow / fluid etc and had the same done last Thurs & Sun (yes a Sunday, not very often they want you in on a Sunday) 🙂

    Last Thursday when I had a growth scan baby had dropped further and is now below the 10th Centile and was estimated to weigh about 4lb9oz (they are probably totally out – any bets!) So Mr Cooper has said that he wants to try and get us to 38 weeks – 14th Sept, c section now booked so we have something to work to at least.

    However I had high blood pressure this morning which is totally out of character for me so they have done bloods to check for pre-eclampsia, was given my first injection of steroids just incase they need to deliver before. Have to go back tomorrow for other steroid injection and montioring of baby, back again Monday for monitoring and again next Thursday for another scan. What a busy girl I am going to be!

    So fingers crossed that the next 2 weeks run smoothly, but got my bag packed just incase.



      So sorry to hear the concerns continue Carla but good the end is in sight. Ouch to the steroids! I had them when I was in hospital recently. Very painful, but worth doing to help develop the lungs.

      As you say, it doesn’t seem fair for do many of us to be having pregnancy issues. You would think we deserved to have a “normal” pregnancy. I’m in Scotland at the moment, anxious in case I need hospital care again. The nearest hospital to where I am is 90 minutes away. I wake every morning grateful I’ve managed another night out of a hospital bed with this little one wriggling inside. Leaving Scotland tomorrow & overnight stay in Lancaster before returning to my comfort zone, 20 minutes to NGH and the lovely Mr Aldrich! Another appointment with him on Monday morning.

      Thinking of you Carla, & Becs, and hoping positive news is ahead for us all.

      Max, x


        Carla, you are having such a hard worrying time! Bless you it is just so unfair. I have everything crossed that your blood pressure drops as I had P.A with Heather. Keep your chin up sweetie, you will have your beautiful bundle in your arms very soon.
        Lots of love
        Ann xxxxx


        I do hope the next 2 weeks go smoothly for you and that they fly by, and we acan all celebrate another little miracle.
        Love and prayers.

        Pork Chops

          Aww Carla,
          Every thing seems to be complicated with these new infants coming along, I really hope the next 2 weeks goes well for you….. Glad you have a date for baby too! Looking forward to a long chat and catching up next week,
          Love Sarah x

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